AS Applied Science Unit 3 – Energy & the Environment

AS Applied Science Unit 3 – Energy & the Environment –
Portfolio Activities - Summary
Report A – Calorific value of a fuel
 Write up and subsequent analysis of an experiment to measure the
energy output from a fossil fuel
Report B – Fossil fuels and Home Heating
 Formation/extraction/exploration of fossil fuels (6 sides – x2 on
each fuel inc. diagrams)
 Stats analysis of fossil fuels usage and reserves (4 sides inc.
 Photosynthesis/Respiration/Combustion/Fossilisation Diagram (A3
+ any other notes)
 Scale-drawn Sankey diagram (1 side A4 graph)
 Power station A4 annotated diagram (2 sides)
 A3 sized, annotated diagram of a real domestic hot water system
(Your house) (x2 sides of A3 inc. info about Zeroth Law; conduction
conection & radiation).
 What’s the temperature? – datalogged & annotated graph (x 2
sides of A4, inc Zeroth Law and conduction convection and
 How much could you save? Mini-report –a) Insulation I could fit to
my house b) How much I could save by switching supplier (x3 sides
A4 inc. diagrams)
 Working in energy – x2 case studies a) Case Study 1 (2/3 sides A4)
b) Case Study 2 (2/3 sides A4)
Both reports – Terminology & conventions/Information & Presentation
Unit Total