Lesson 04c Fossil Fuels LP

Course Title: Energy and Natural Resources
Lesson Title: Identifying issues related to fossil fuels and natural resources
TEKS Addressed in Lesson:
1. 130.11 (c) (4) (C)
Lesson Objectives. The student will be able to:
1. Identify issues related to fossil fuels
2. Describe the specific issues related to fossil fuels
3. Identify possible solutions to the issues
Tools and Equipment
1. N/A
Key Terms / Vocabulary
Health issues
Environmental issues
Economic issues
Interest Approach/Anticipatory Set
1. Link: Have you ever wondered why some people look so negatively on fossil fuel sources? Or
why they are so controversial in our society? Or why there is this whole “go green” movement?
2. Motivation: I’m sure most of you know that fossil fuels create energy for electricity, and fuel like
gasoline, but most people don’t know or ignore the fact that these fuel sources also create a lot
of harmful issues for our country and its citizens
3. Overview: Today we are going to identify and describe the issues related to fossil fuels
Teaching Plan and Strategy / Presentation of New Material
1. Number the students off from 1-3. Have the students get out a sheet of notebook paper. The 1’s
are the “health” group. The 2’s are the “environmental” group. The 3’s are the “economic”
group. Have each student individually think of as many issues related to their group in relation
to fossil fuels and natural resources as they can. They should have at least five and they should
list them out on their piece of paper.
2. Then have them pick out what they believe are their top two issues and elaborate on why they
believe this is an important issue and some possible solutions to the issue. Make sure they
understand that it will be turned in for a grade based on grammar and completeness of
assignment not necessarily on the ideas themselves.
Activity/Application/ Student Engagement /Laboratory
1. After the students have completed their assignment have them partner up with two other
people with a different number than them (each group should have a 1, 2, and a 3).
2. They are to construct a chart, Venn diagram, illustration, or short essay that combines the top 2
or 3 issues that each individual thought was most important. At the end of the activity their
project should have 6-9 reasons total from the categories of health, environmental, and
economic group. They should make their project very neat and include all relevant information.
You can hang them on the wall for a week or so to make it fun.
Evaluation / Summary
*Note: there is an additional math worksheet to go along with this lesson if you wish to include STEM
integration into your classroom
1. If there is time at the end of class have the groups present their finding to the class.
2. If not, do a short Q&A review
a. What are some health issues?
i. Cardiac problems, respiratory problems, soot, dust, exhaust fumes
b. What are some environmental issues?
i. CO2, By-products, pollution, acid rain, runoff
c. What are some economical issues?
i. Importation of fuels creates dependency, price of fuels, cost of electricity,
burden on economy, increased population
References/Additional Materials / Extended Learning Opportunities/ Enrichment
1. http://naturalresources.house.gov/
2. http://www.nrdc.org/
3. http://www.neok12.com/Natural-Resources.htm ---great website full of videos and lessons if
you want to dig deeper
4. http://www4.ncsu.edu/~leung/nrrips.html
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