Fossil Webquest

Fossil Webquest
A. Go to:
Burying Bodies. Place the animal body in different
parts of the picture and record what happens to it.
What happened?
Lava flow
Open exposed area
Base of crumbling cliff
Muddy river estuary
Ocean Floor
1. Which environment makes the best fossils?
2. Why does this environment make the best
B. Go to:
Make the 7 fossils. Record the ones which became
actual fossils, and what type of fossil. If no fossil
write, none.
Scenario #1
Scenario #2
Scenario #3
Scenario # 4
Scenario #5
Scenario # 6
Scenario #7
C. Go to:
Click on Skeleton Jigsaw Puzzles. Pick whatever
level you want to do. Tell me the names of the
animals you assembled. 1.____________________
2.__________________ 3.__________________
D. Click on What is a fossil
1. What is a fossil?______________________________
2. List the six Type 1 Fossils._______________________
3.What is a trace fossil?___________________________
4.List the three Type 2 Fossils._____________________
E. Click on Fossil Collecting
5.What are the 5-6 reasons folks are fossil collecting?
F. Click on Megalodon
7. How big were Carcharodon Megalodon teeth?___________
8. Why are fossilized teeth all that is found of this