Pesticide Use in School Compliance Letter

Pesticide Use at Schools Rule
Compliance Letter
3 IAC 1-16
School Letterhead
Mr. G. Joseph Peters
Associate Executive Director
Office of Catholic Education
1400 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Dear Mr. Peters
I hereby certify that this school is in compliance with the Indiana Pesticide Use at Schools Rule (357 IAC
1-16). Specifically, when and if the school uses any pesticides (weed killers, fungicides, rodenticides,
etc.) in or around the school:
1. Only employees or contractors who are trained and licensed in the State of Indiana to
apply pesticides (or who are supervised by trained and licensed personnel) are engaged
to apply pesticides in or around the school.
2. The school or the contractor who applies pesticides keeps a record of all pesticide
applications for at least two years.
3. Pesticides are not used when students are in the application area.
4. The school maintains a Pesticide Notification Registry of parents, guardians and staff
members requesting to be notified of pesticide applications.
5. The school notifies all parents, guardians and staff members of the existence of the
Pesticide Notification Registry at the beginning of each new school year through
orientations, handbooks and other means of communication.
6. Except for immediate health threat situations, the school provides at least 48 hours
advance notice of a pesticide application to all of those who have registered.
7. Pesticides are kept clearly marked in a safe and locked storage area.
8. Pesticides with the lowest hazards to children are used whenever practical and
I or a member of my staff are familiar with the requirements of the Pesticide Use at Schools Rule and
agree to comply with all current and future requirements of this rule.