Brisbane City Plan 2014 - Stormwater and Local Drainage

Stormwater and Local Drainage
Session outline
Policy setting
Policy comparison
Reduced assessment for low risk developments
Ensures compliance with state planning policy for water
Integrated with the Flood overlay code
Stormwater drainage requirements now found in
Infrastructure design planning scheme policy
Policy Setting
 Development achieves acceptable levels of stormwater run-off
quality and quantity as part of an integrated stormwater
management framework
 Protect people and property from local stormwater runoff
 Maintains, recreates or minimises the impact to natural
drainage systems and processes
 Enhances environmental values of waterways
 Maintains the integrity of an efficient stormwater infrastructure
Policy Setting
 High risk development
 Demonstrate compliance by submission of a site-based stormwater management plan
 Low risk development
 Water quality provisions removed
 No requirement for an SBSMP
 Still need to comply with stormwater quantity provisions
 Compliance with single state planning policy with respect to water quality
 Stormwater code has links to the Flood overlay code to address minor and major stormwater
drainage matters
 If a site creates its own localised flooding issues due to stormwater, the Stormwater code
requires the same minimum floor levels as for overland flow in the Flood overlay code
 Erosion and sediment control standards maintained through compliance with the
Infrastructure design planning scheme policy (IDPSP)
Policy Comparison
Brisbane City Plan 2000
Brisbane City Plan 2014
Compliance demonstrated by
submission SBSMP
Compliance demonstrated Section A
SBSMP - only high risk development
Water quality - high Risk (6 units and
above OR > 2,500 sqm
Water quality - high risk (6 units and
above AND > 2,500 sqm
Water quality for low risk provisions
(response to HW SPP)
Removal of water quality for low risk
Subdivision and development
• Reduced assessment for low risk developments
• Complies with State Planning Policy for water quality
• Provisions integrated with the Flood Overlay Code