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As we begin our study of geometry, you will be creating a “notebook” of terms.
This project must be completed according to the guidelines listed below. There
will be some time given in class, so come to school prepared to work on it each
day. Bring 5” x 8” or 4” x 6” index cards and colored pencils. I will provide you
with a few cards to get you started. A ring to bind the book will be provided to
you. In addition to the 20 terms, you must create a title page with your name and
number and include the definition for geometry as stated on the next page.
Each page must include the following:
Created on 4” x 6” index cards* (You will need 21 cards)
Bold, clear titles of each term (One per card)
Complete definition (Taken from the math book)
An illustration that demonstrates the term
An example from real life
Formulas, if applicable
This entire project should be neatly done
Be creative!
*(For extra credit, the entire book can be made in a geometric shape of your
choice: square, rhombus, triangle, circle, octagon, etc. IF YOU CHOOSE
THIS OPTION, YOU MUST USE 5” x 8” cards )
(2) Term:
(3) Definition
(4) Illustration:
Parallel Lines
Parallel lines are lines that do not
intersect because they are the same
distance apart at every point.
(5) Real-life Example:
Title Page:
Must include your name, number, the title: GEOMETRY, and the definition below:
Definition: Geometry—(noun) geo, from the Greek, meaning the earth; and
metre, from the French, meaning to measure. Geometry is the branch of
mathematics that deals with points, lines, planes, and figures and examines their
properties, measurement, and mutual relations in space.
Geometric Terms for Notebook: (choose 20 from the list)
1. acute angle
2. acute triangle
3. angle
4. area
5. circle
6. circumference
7. compass
8. congruent
9. cylinder
10. diameter
11. equilateral triangle
12. hexagon
13. intersecting lines
14. isosceles triangle
15. line
16. line segment
17. obtuse angle
18. octagon
19. parallel lines
20. parallelogram
21. pentagon
22. perimeter
23. perpendicular
24. point
25. polygon
26. protractor
27. quadrilateral
28. radius
29. ray
30. rectangle
31. right angle
32. right triangle
33. scalene triangle
34. similar
35. straight angle
36. symmetry
37. trapezoid
38. triangle
39. vertex
40. volume
Grading Criteria:
You will be graded on the following:
1. Format (Follows directions on the layout for each page)
2. Completeness and quality of your notebook
a. Proper terms
b. Definitions/Formulas
c. Illustrations
d. Real-life examples
3. Design/Creativity (The more creative your cards, the better!)
4. Neatness (This entire project should be neatly done!)
Extra Credit: You are required to do 20 terms. Any terms defined over
20 will be given one extra point for each additional term, with a limit of 10 extra
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I understand my child must complete the
Geometry Terms Notebook as outlined above by
the due date.
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