Formula Triangles Science Strategy

Triangle method to solve equations
By Marie Lyle
Science Equations
 d=st
 Distance=speed x time
 V=IR
 Voltage=Current x
 F=ma
 Force=mass x
 Mass=density x volume
 m=dv
Set up the triangle for the distance
equation. D=ST
 The variable on the left (D) goes on top.
 The variables on the right (S and T) go on the bottom.
Plug in the given values
 If the given values are next to each other (S and T)
multiply to solve for D.
 If the given values are above one another, divide the
top number by the bottom number to solve for S or T.
Hint: Cover the unknown. Then
multiply or divide to solve.
Any equation in the a=bc format
can be solved with a formula
Watch this animation to see how it works.