Constant Angular Acceleration Mad Libs

Constant Angular Acceleration Mad Libs
During one of the two stories, ask your partner to supply a word or number that fits each
clue shown below each blank. During this stage, do not tell your partner any details of
the story. When all of the words/numbers have been filled in, read the story to your
partner. While working with the other story, your partner will ask you to provide words
or numbers without you looking at the story, then he/she will read that story to you. You
both will act to solve the problems that were created from the stories. Finally, compare
answers so that you can check each other’s work.
Story A
Once upon a time there was a ____________ ____________ who lived his
____________ life with not a care in the world. He worked with __________ in the
person from class
circus trapeze acts during his spare time. His favorite move occurred when he would
jump off of a ________ meter tower while holding on to a(n) ____________ with an
number between 5 and 50
angular velocity of ___________ rev/s, all the while _________ spinning and shouting the
number between 1 and 5
phrase “_______________” at the top of his lungs. Due to the intense ___________ and
weather condition
the fact that he would grab hold of ____________ in midair, his rotational speed always
same person from class
dropped during his standard ____________ seconds in the air at a rate of –0.230 rad/sec2.
number between 1 and 10
While attempting to complete his favorite circus act, he always caught a glimpse of his
girlfriend _____________,.whom he counted every single time he spun as he screamed.
famous woman
He saw and counted her _________ times in a single act. When he completed this act, he
Calculate this!!!
_________ stated “Hey, I know that I started with an angular velocity of ___________
Calculate this!!
rad/s, so I must have a ____________ final angular velocity of __________ rad/s!
slang term
Calculate this!!!
Work to solve problems:
Story B
One of the most illogical, ____________, and fleeting phenomena of the 1980’s was
breakdancing. This combination of _____________ spins, ducks, and slides made
______________ famous and kept a whole generation of kids occupied, thus saving them
popular performer
from certain trouble from too much ______________. The best breakdancer of them all
leisure activity
was ________________, otherwise known as _____________. (S)he always initiated
person from class
his/her performances with a spin upon a ___________. Due to the skill of this champion,
(s)he was able to start spinning at ________ rad/s and ______________ increase that
number between 0 and 1
speed at a rate of ________ rad/s2 for _______ seconds of time. With music from
number between 1 and 5 number between 1 and 10
___________________ in the background, (s)he would spin so ___________ that even
famous musician/musical group
people who thought breakdancing was ____________ responded to his/her performance
negative adjective
with comments like “____________! (S)he has such high angular velocity! But how
many ____________ radians has (s)he traveled during this _________ second time frame?”
same number as last number
Here in the 21st century, scientists at _______________ have proven that ____________
college or university
Calculate this!!!
radians is way too much to spin in such a small time frame for a(n) ___________, let
alone a human. The truth is, _____________ was just showing off by doing
same person from class
__________ total revolutions, ending at an angular velocity of ___________ rad/s.
Calculate this!!!
Calculate this!!!
(S)he paid the price for glory; eventually experiencing a devastating _____________
which ______________ended the reign of breakdancing’s king/queen far too early.
Work to solve problems: