1- The 2-kg ball of negligible size is fired from A with an initial velocity of 10 m/s up the
smooth inclined plane. Determine the distance from C to where it hits the horizontal
surface at D.
2- The 10-lb suitcase slides down the curved ramp for which the coefficient of kinetic
friction is k  0.2 . If at the instant it reaches point A it has a speed of 5 ft/s, determine
the normal force on the suitcase and the rate of increase in its speed.
3- The sports car has a mass of 2.3 Mg and accelerates at 6 m/s2, starting from rest. If the
drag resistance on the car due to the wind is FD  10v N, where v is the velocity in m/s,
determine the power supplied to the engine when t=5 s. The engine has a running
efficiency of   0.68 .
4- Blocks A and B have masses of 40 kg and 60 kg respectively. They are placed on a
smooth surface and the spring connected between them is stretched 2 m. If they are
released from rest, determine the speeds of both blocks the instant the spring becomes unstretched.
5- A child having a mass of 50 kg holds her legs up as shown as she swings downward
from   30o . Her center of mass is located at G1. When she is at the bottom
position   0o , she suddenly lets her legs come down, shifting her center of mass to G2.
Determine her speed in the up swing due to this sudden movement.
6- If the collar at C is moving downward to the left at vc=8m/s, determine the angular
velocity of link AB at the instant shown.
7- At the instant shown, rod AB has an angular velocity and angular acceleration given.
Determine the angular velocity and angular acceleration of rod CD. The collar is pinconnected to CD and slides over AB.