TAP 202- 5: questions on forces and equilibrium

TAP 202- 5: questions on forces and equilibrium
The weight of the trolley in the diagram is 3.4 N. The trolley is not moving.
3.4 N
(a) the normal reaction, N, and
(b) the horizontal force, F.
The diagram below shows a circus performer in a high-wire act.
(a) The total mass of the performer plus props is 76.5 kg. Using a scale of 1 cm to
100 N, draw a vector triangle to show the forces acting on the performer.
(b) Use your diagram to find the tensions T 1 and T2 in the cable.
(c) A member of the audience is worried that the cable might break, and thinks that
this would be less likely to happen if the cable were shorter so that it did not sag so
Explain, with the aid of a diagram, whether this would really reduce the tension in the
Answers and worked solutions
(a) N = 3.4 / cos 25 = 3.75 N
(b) F = N cos 65 = 1.59 N
(a) W = mg = 76.5 kg 9.81 N kg-1 = 750 N
Scale diagram:
b) T1 = 590 N, T2 = 780 N
(Calculated values are T1 = 585 N, T2 = 778 N. Allow ± 15 N measured from
i.e. ± 1.5 mm.)
(c) The ‘vertical’ side of the triangle of forces must still be 750 N but the other two
will now be longer than before so tension will be increased not reduced
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