Ch 8 QQ

Ch 8 QQ
T F 1. When the Internet was first developed, it
was called the World Wide Web.
T F 2. Earthlink is an example of an ISP.
T F 3. Cable Internet access is faster than
conventional dial-up Internet access.
T F 4. Boolean operations can be used in
conjunction with Internet searching.
T F 5. Online banking is rarely performed today.
Ch 8 QQ
__ 6.
Which of the following types of Internet connections is the fastest?
a. cable
b. conventional dial-up
c. DSL
d. satellite
e. broadband over fiber (BoF)
__ 7.
Which of the following would be used to buy a product at the price
you specify?
a. online auction
b. online gaming
c. video-on demand
d. online investing
e. online banking
a. keyword
b. podcast
c. cookie
d. Internet service provider
e. Internet content provider
__ 8. A person or organization that makes information
available through the Internet.
__ 9. A small file stored on a computer by a Web server, such
as to remember personalized settings.
__ 10. An organization that provides access to the Internet.