Algebraic Foundations

Foundations-Lesson 31 Percent Fractions
Percent means per hundred or out of 100. 29 over 100 is a percent fraction. It
can be written like 29 over 100. To convert a fraction to a percent we must
first find an equivalent fraction that has a denominator of 100. Our
denominator is 4. What times 4 is 100? 4 times 25 equals 100. 100 is our
new denominator. What ever we do to our numerator we must do the same
to our denominator. 3 times 25equals 75. Our percent fraction is 75 over
100 which is 75 percent. To convert a decimal to a percent move the
decimal to the right two places. Here is my decimal. I am going to move it
two places to the right 1,2. Next you want to convert the decimals to percent
which is 12 percent.
To convert a percent to a fraction: The percent number is the numerator and
the denominator is 100. We have 13 percent. That is our percent number
which is now going to become our numerator. It is already a percent so our
denominator is 100. Our percent fraction is 13 over 100.
To convert a percent to a decimal: We are going to first write our percent as
a fraction. 20percent, 20 is going to be our numerator. Percent means per
100 or out of 100, our denominator is 100. We have 20over 100. next we
are going to convert the fraction to decimal by dividing. 100 divided by 20.
100 can not go into 20 so we are going to put a zero in our quotient we need
to add a decimal and a zero. We need to bring our decimal up to our
quotient. 100 goes into 200 two times. 100 times 2 is 200. 200 subtract 200
is zero. Our answer is zero and 2 tenths.
Lets model 13 percent. Lets first write this as a fraction. We know that our
percent is going to be our numerator. So 13 percent. 13 is our numerator.
Percent means per 100 or out of 100.. So our denominator is 100. That
means 13 out of 100. Using our 10 by 10 grid lets shade 13 one hundredths.
The model shows 13 one hundredths shaded.
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