Course Syllabus Chabot College History 7

Chabot College
History 7
Instructor R. Moniz
Course Syllabus
Courses, Meetings and Contact Hours
If you wish to speak directly, use my phone at 723-6958 or visit me in my office. My hours are:
Mondays 4 to 6 pm, Tuesdays 10:00 to 12:00 am, and Wednesdays 11:00-12:00. Email is
Text: America by Brody et. al. and supplemental readers noted on calendar.
Course Objective
History 8 meets two requirements: American Institutions and American Cultures. We discuss
the significance of both in class and I seek to develop the following:
1. Improve study skills, critical thinking and writing abilities.
2. Develop an appreciation of the U.S. from colonization thru 1865
3. Demonstrate ability to analyze geographic, political, economic and social phenomena.
The course’s purpose is to broaden your understanding of the nation’s development. We will
examine the past and evaluate the future in terms of collective struggles to attain the goals
established at Independence. We look at the experiences of the nation’s diverse peoples. I
employ a wide variety of approaches to enlighten students and kindle your interests. You will
read, write and discuss many unique topics in this class. It is your responsibility to look carefully
all handouts and assignments. Since this IS a college course, you will read and write essays; that
is a given! Your questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged. Participation is
essential in a vibrant democracy and this course!
A Few Thoughts
It is your responsibility to read and understand this syllabus. When in doubt, please ask and
remember that I am here to help. The enclosed rules are simple and easy to follow. Look over
the semester schedule and important dates. Please observe all-important dates for NGR or W
purposes. There are no make up exams or extra credit. I do not alter scan-tron errors. I expect
you to make copies of written assignments. All papers are typed. Although I may drop you per
college policy, it is your responsibility to drop. Please be clear: I do not tolerate coming late
to class nor exiting during lectures. You will be asked to leave at the door. Make all your
phone calls, bathroom stops etc before class. Turn off your pagers, cell phones and other
electronic devices. Finally, we all have challenges in life, please do not think that I can handle
more than my own!