New School Enrolment Zone

New School Enrolment Zone
The Northern Beaches Community of Schools has readjusted their school
boundaries to ensure a more equitable distribution of students across our
As of 2011, residents west of the Pacific Highway and the northern side of
Newman’s Road will be within the Mullaway Primary School enrolment zone.
What if my child is currently enrolled at Woolgoolga Public School?
This will not affect students currently enrolled at Woolgoolga Public School.
The new enrolment zone applies only to new students to the area and future
Kindergarten enrolments.
What if my pre-school aged child has older brothers and sisters at
Woolgoolga Public School?
The redistribution will be phased in between 2011 and 2016 providing parents,
who currently have children enrolled at Woolgoolga Public School, with the
option of continuing their association with Woolgoolga Public School.
How do I find out more information?
For more information you can contact either school:
Mullaway Primary School
Principal James Deagan
T 6654 0377
Woolgoolga Public School
Principal Paul Clarke
T 6654 1305
New inclusions to the Mullaway Primary School enrolment zone from 2011
Newmans Rd, Vista Cl, Shearer Dr, Nagle Cl, Norman Cl