Graduation Committee Groups summary

Carman Collegiate Graduation Committees
 Executive Chairperson
Work with the Graduation teacher advisors.
Attend all meetings.
Insure consistency in theme and integrity of ceremony.
Work with advisors in determining student speakers.
 Community Hall committee
Establish what the theme of the graduation will be.
Work with Executive Chairs and grad advisors to establish a budget for decorations.
Determine menu.
Communicate with cater with regard to menu and time requirements.
Determine price of ticket.
Work with school office for making tickets.
Secure services of a DJ for the Prom (do immediately!).
Instruct grade 11 students and organizers on set up of hall for grad day work.
Establish a decorating day.
 Dry Party
Determine location.
Determine events to occur on that day.
Supply food and drink for participants of dry party.
Determine price per person for the event.
Establish groups to be in charge of food, washroom needs, entertainment, clean up.
Provide clear directions to dry party location.
Keep attendance of dry party event.
 Slide Show
Collect pictures from students (typically 3 pictures, baby, middle and grad picture)
Set up slide presentation on powerpoint.
Set up computer and projector unit for operation on both rehearsal and grad day.
Establish a work group to run the computers on these days.
Set music to the slide presentation.
Be sure that items are tactful.
Slide show and music should be completed one week prior to ceremony.
 Safe Grad Party
Establish subcommittees as outlined in Safe Grad package.
Determine events to occur at this event.
Determine price per person for the event and arrange for tickets sales.
Work in cooperation with Dry Party committee (eg. attendance).
Complete and submit all appropriate paper work for Liquor Commission.