Academic Biology with Lab

Academic Biology with Lab
Welcome to Academic Biology:
My name is Mr. Matthew Nicastro and I will be teaching this year’s
Biology course. Below you will find all the information needed to make
this year’s class a success. If we all work together, success cannot be
too far behind.
Voicemail #: (856) 694 –0100 ext 328
Email Address: [email protected]
Availability: Any Day and Time by Appointment
Program Description:
Academic Biology is a six credit lab science which introduces the students to the basic fundamentals of the
biological sciences, with emphasis on classifications, and beneficial/harmful characteristics of each phylum. The
cellular basis of living things is emphasized as the unifying principle among living things. Major functional
systems such as reproduction, cellular control, photosynthesis, respiration, heredity, evolution, and animal
behavior are explored. Major phyla of animals are used to explain and demonstrate these processes. Major units
of study include: the history of biology, classification of animals, cytology, and genetics. Knowledge and skills
are developed thru laboratory work. Vocabulary and spelling skills related to course terms are developed, and
math skills are applied in genetic calculations.
Program Purpose:
This course is an academic lab science which introduces the student to the study of living things. It gives
students a basic understanding of life forms from the simplest to the most complex. It helps students gain insight
into the idea that all organisms, including themselves, carry out similar life functions. It helps students
understand the complex interaction between organisms and their environment. It helps students develop a
respect for living things.
Textbook Used:
Biology New Jersey Edition (McDougal Littell) 2008
Materials Needed:
Students should have a three ring binder (at least one inch) for handouts and notes, a pack of loose leaf
paper (college ruled) OR a notebook (2-3 subject) for notes, and a writing utensil (pen or pencil)
Class Rules/Expectations
1) Be respectful
2) Be on time and prepared to work
3) Try Everyday …. 100%
Grading Policy:
1) Tests/Quizzes: 40% of the grade
- Tests or Quizzes will be given at the end of every unit
- Post Tests will be given at the end of each marking period
- Quizzes will occur at different times throughout the unit and
be related to anything done in class or any readings for HW
2) Labs: 25% of the grade
- Most labs will occur on lab days and take the entire double
- Reports will be written for all labs
3) Projects: 10% of the grade
- Projects will occur both individually and in groups
- Time in class will be given for both individual and group projects
4) Notebooks: 10% of the grade
- YOU WILL HAVE NOTEBOOK CHECKS (so keep good notes, keep all worksheets, and most
importantly keep them in order)
- You can section your notebook in whatever way you would like…but be organized
5) Homework/Classwork: 15% of the grade
- Homework will include worksheets, lab reports, questions from the book, and other various
- Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise stated
- Homework will be graded MOST OF THE TIME on attempt and completion (you don’t have to get
the homework all correct to get full credit…just complete it all and attempt to do it)
- DO YOUR HOMEWORK – it’s the easiest percentage of your grade to get
- Small group activities will occur at times during some periods
- Grades for groupwork will be given as a group (so make sure everyone does their part)
- Classwork will be done in class and due at the end of the period
Student Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the student to follow ALL the class rules and
expectations, make up any missed work, and be prepared and willing to work everyday in class.
Parent Responsibility: (Yes…you are part of this course too.) It is the responsibility of the parent to
ask questions about what he/she did in class, what homework they have, how the course is going, and
do they need any extra help with the course. If a problem does arise, no matter how small it might
seem, please contact me as soon as possible- DO NOT wait until the very end.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read and understand the above information.
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