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District Virtual Course Offerings (BACK TO TOP)
1. May school districts offer virtual courses to students outside of a school setting?
Yes. Districts are authorized to offer such courses by section 1003.498(2), F.S.
These courses will be reported under school number 7006. If a district plans to offer such courses, it should
contact the departments Education Information and Accountability Services office to activate this school
2. For what courses and grade levels may districts offer these virtual courses?
Districts may offer virtual courses for courses included in Florida’s Course Code Directory. This directory
includes all courses that are eligible to be funded in Florida public schools and includes courses in all
subject areas and grade levels..
Districts may develop their own online courses or purchase the online courses or curriculum they offer.
3. From whom may districts purchase online courses?
Districts may choose virtual providers approved by the DOE or may choose other providers through a
district vetting process. The DOE approval process for both online course providers and for virtual program
providers examines every course the provider would like to offer to ensure it is aligned to state standards
and also meets national standards for quality online courses. Districts are responsible for ensuring the
same for providers they select through a district vetting process.
4. Who are the DOE approved course providers?
Edmentum is approved as an online course provider for 25 courses reviewed by the DOE. For more
information about Edmentum and their approved courses, please visit the following website:
Five other providers are also approved as virtual program providers and as such are approved to offer
complete virtual programs or individual online courses. For more information about these providers and the
courses they offer, please visit the following website:
All approved providers offer online courses through contracts with school districts.
5. What students are eligible to take these virtual courses?
Students accessing district virtual courses outside of a traditional school setting must meet the eligibility
requirements listed in section 1002.455, F.S. (
Students eligible to enroll in kindergarten and first grade are eligible. Thus, students in grades 2-12 must
meet one of the other criteria to enroll in these courses.
The student attended a Florida public school the previous school year and was reported for funding
by the school district for both semesters
The student is a dependent child of a member of the United States Armed Forces who was
transferred to Florida within the last 12 months.
The student was enrolled during the prior school year in a school district virtual instruction program
or a full-time FLVS program.
The student has a sibling who is currently enrolled in a district virtual program and who was also
enrolled in that program at the end of the prior school year.
The student is eligible to enter kindergarten or first grade.
The student is eligible to enter grades 2-5 and is enrolling in a full-time district virtual instruction
program, virtual charter school or FLVS.
An eligible student enrolled in his or her school district may take an online course or courses from another
school district whether or not the course is offered in his or her home district. School districts cannot require
that these courses be taken beyond the school day.
6. Can a student enroll directly in a course offered by another school district?
The student must notify his or her school of the intention to enroll in an online course in another school
district so that the necessary information can be collected, verified and confirmed by both districts at the
point of enrollment. This will help to ensure the correct funding, reporting and accountability for this student.
The school cannot deny access to the other district’s course as long as the student meets the eligibility
requirements, and the course is appropriate based on the student’s academic history and academic goals.
7. What are the student eligibility requirements for a student to take an online or blended course offered by
a traditional public school?
District students taking blended courses in traditional district schools must be full-time public school
students enrolled at the school.