David Sienko, Rhode Island Department of Education

How the heck do we contact
some of our former students?
Rhode Island’s Experience
Data Collection in Rhody
• State operates data collection
– Census approach – small state small districts
– Common student identifier
– Connected to all special education data
Data Collection in Rhody
• Leaver list generated by districts in SE census
– Has improved data on school leavers
– District and state have access to the list
• District appoints a point person each year
– Assign surveys to case managers (avg. 2-3 per)
• Provide on-line training a beginning of period
– Training is archived for users
• Share districts response and completion rates
with the challenge to improve
– Results shared publically – embarrass districts into
Improving Contacts
• Data now on state IEP form
– Student & Parent name, address, cell phone and email
addresses which is also accessible in the SE census
• Districts have access to leaver list at all times so they
may notify students before school exit
• Rallying the troops
– Annual reviews of data and contact with the districts
• Continuous monitoring during data collection
– Directly contacting districts if data is not coming into the system
in a timely manner
• Improvement in response and engagement rates
included as a question in districts consolidated federal
funds application
Federal Funding Application
Federal Funding Application
Rhody Conclusions
• Emphasis on
– District level data collection
– District level accountability
– District level strategies for improvement
• Rates improving
– 51%
– 54%
J. David Sienko
Rhode Island
Department of Education
[email protected]