Cole Scholar Application

The Oberlin Initiative in Electoral Politics -- Cole Scholar Application
Fall 2011
Please provide the following information to the Politics Department Office (Rice 216) by 12:00 noon on
Wednesday, October 19th. This is an absolute deadline. Please also arrange to have a faculty member
submit a confidential letter of reference to the Politics Department Office by this time.
1. Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
2. OCMR: ________________________
3. Email Address: __________________________________
4. Oberlin Phone: ___________________
5. Home City and State: ____________________________
6. Academic Year (Circle):
7. Major (if known): _____________________
8. Academic Advisor: ___________________________
9. Grade Point Average: ____________________
10. Faculty member whom you are asking to write a reference letter (please do not ask members of the
selection committee: Eve Sandberg, Michael Parkin or Beth Blissman):
11. A second faculty member who could provide a reference: ___________________________________
12. When and how did you hear about the “Cole Scholars” program?
13. Did existence of the “Cole Scholars” program affect your decision to attend Oberlin College?
14. Have you ever been disciplined by the Oberlin College Judiciary Board? If so, please explain.
15. Have you ever been on academic probation? If so, please explain.
Please write your answers to the following questions in a separate document and then attach that
document to this form before printing it off or emailing it to (Remember to
number all answers and include your name on all pages of the document.)
16. Please list all course work that you think is relevant to the program.
17. Please describe your campaign and political experience including any current work.
18. Please describe your extra-curricular experiences and leadership positions before and during college
(e.g., community involvement).
19. Please list the specific issues that you care most about (e.g., education, health care, environment) and
explain any experience, courses, or other involvement that you have had with each.
20. Each “Cole Scholar” must complete an eight-week internship during the summer break. Are there any
periods during the summer which you will not be available? (We can probably accommodate a few
days off to go to a wedding, for example, but not a two week trip with family.)
21. Please write a one- to two-page statement about your goals for the program and how they relate to
your career plans. Include your ideas and plans about running for elected office in the future or other
political campaign activities.
22. Please attach a copy of an up-to-date (unofficial) transcript to your application.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this application for the Oberlin Initiative in Electoral Politics.
Please ensure that your completed application is submitted to the Politics Department Office (Rice 216)
by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, October 19th. You must also arrange for a faculty member to submit a
letter of reference for you by the deadline. The committee plans to select the 2012 Cole Scholars the first
week of November. You may be asked to participate in a brief interview process. We will contact you if
that is the case. Thank you once again.
Faculty Recommendation
Fall 2011
The Oberlin Initiative in Electoral Politics is a program for students, through course work at
Oberlin and summer internships in campaigns or campaign organizations, to gain information about
electoral politics. The aim of the Initiative is to encourage Oberlin students to run for elective office.
Students who are selected for the Initiative are known as “Cole Scholars” after the donors whose
generosity established the program.
The student named below has asked you for a letter of recommendation. In writing it, please
comment, if possible, on the student’s academic qualifications, his or her interpersonal and political skills,
maturity, initiative, and sense of responsibility. Is this student someone whom you can recommend to
represent the College to elected officials and others in the political arena? Please send your
recommendation to the Politics Department, Oberlin Initiative in Electoral Politics, Rice 216 by
Wednesday, October 19th by noon or e-mail it to Tracy Tucker, Politics Department, Administrative
Assistant ( This is an absolute deadline. Thank you for your help.
Name of Recommender: __________________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________________________