Thesis topics list:

This is a list of topics that would be interesting to pursue for masters thesis research.
Many of the ideas originated from the following documents:
Document 1: Evaluation of Alternative Performance Measures and Urban Street
Management Applications
Document 2: Review of Techniques for Urban Street Performance Measurement
Any additional topic ideas are welcome. If any faculty, student, or professional has an
idea that they would like to undertake, or have considered, as a research topic, e-mail
them to [email protected]
Topic 1.
Explore the effect of alternative advance detection distances and access
point densities on the accuracy of the arrival flow profile for delay/queue
estimation. (see page 8 in Document 2)
Topic 2.
Explore the effects and settings of saturation flow rate and turn
percentages on delay/queue estimation using advance detection. (see page
8 in Document 2)
Topic 3.
Explore the capability to estimate delay/queue using stop bar detection.
(see page 11 in Document 2)
Topic 4.
Explore the capabilities of estimating delay/queue combining advance
detection and stop bar detection. It would be best to coordinate with
Darcy Bullock to augment the control laboratory setup that he has in
Indiana. (see page 12 in Document 2)
Topic 5.
Quantify the speed measurement accuracy of video detection whose
primary purpose is traffic control. (see page 21 in Document 1)
Topic 6.
Correlation of intersection performance measures with system detector
location, number of lanes detected, signal timing, and traffic volume. (see
page 27 in Document 1)
Topic 7.
Explore accuracy of newer counter classifiers for counts at stop bar. (see
page 20 in Document 1)
Topic 8.
Accurate estimation of arterial travel time using bus probe data. (see page
26 in Document 1)