Career Fair Overview

The State University of New York Maritime College invites you to participate in our Spring
Career Fair to be held Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 with the option to conduct scheduled
interviews the following day, Wednesday, March 16th 2016. Students and Alumni
interact with company representatives and/or potential employers on Tuesday with
opportunities for recruiting, networking etc...
Participation will be on a FIRST REGISTERED, FIRST SERVED BASIS (Send your
forms in early!!) Companies registered after we have reached our capacity will automatically
be put on a waiting list. The registration fee is $175.00 for 2 company representatives,
and for each representative thereafter an additional $15.00. Each company will be given
a draped, 5-foot table and two chairs to display their information and lunch buffet will be
provided for you. Due to space only one table per company is available at this time.
The State University of New York Maritime College offers degree programs in both
Engineering and Business disciplines. The Bachelor of Engineering degrees includes
Mechanical, Marine, Facilities, Electrical Engineering and Naval Architecture. The Bachelor
of Science degrees include Marine Transportation, International Transportation and Trade,
Marine Business and Commerce, Marine Environmental Science, Marine Operations and
Humanities. Our graduates’ master the “hands on experience” with the 565ft Training Ship
Empire State located at our campus.
The Department of Global Business and Transportation (GBAT) is responsible for SUNY
Maritime’s courses in business, economics, international trade, logistics and transportation
systems. The Department has lead responsibility for two of the College’s degrees—the
Masters of Science in International Transportation Management and the Bachelor of Science
in International Trade and Transportation, an upper division program designed primarily for
community college graduates. GBAT provides business and transportation systems courses
in support of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and the College’s other
degree programs.
If you would like to participate in our Fall Career Fair, please complete the attached
registration form and Fax it to: (718) 409-7483 or email it to .
Your registration form will secure your space. If you have any questions, feel free to call
Michelle Reina at the Career Center at (718) 409-6079. We hope to see you on campus at
the Spring Career Fair on March 15th, 2016.