Kristin McMahon - Heather Bohlinger

Kristin McMahon
Independent Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics
(970) 988-2516
[email protected]
November 05, 2012,
Happy Fall! I love this time of year with the cool nights, crisp air, Thanksgiving just around the corner
and then, before you know it, Christmas will be here! I am writing today to tell you about a program that I
thought may be of interest to you or to someone you know. It is called a “holiday pilot program”. This time of
year many families find that an extra $500 - $2000 would be very helpful to off set the expenses of the holidays
and start the new year out on the right foot. The pilot program is one where women that love our product can
become a consultant for just a couple of months to earn that extra money and then from there decide to either
remain a consultant and continue making that extra income, or go back to being a wonderful customer. It is an
alternative to getting a second job or putting those purchases on credit.
I absolutely love having you as a customer and there is no obligation or pressure what-so-ever to take
advantage of this program but I did want you to know about it. I have included a sheet that tells you a little
more about how it would work.
In addition to the income, an additional perk to becoming a consultant this time of year is being able to
do our own gift shopping at 50% off! The men, women, and teens on your gift list would love a gift of Mary Kay
cologne, skin care, spa set, satin hands, makeup…. And by being a consultant you could purchase those gifts at
half-price. Don’t forget about all of those gift exchanges and small gifts that we all give this time of year too.
In addition to the profit you can make, the savings you will have buying at 50% off and getting your own
products at cost, you will also be able to take advantage of the tax benefits of having a home based business.
The savings on your taxes can be significant.
So, with no quotas, no pressure, no territories and no long-term commitment it is a win/win. This is the
perfect time of year to give it a try and capitalize on this gift-giving season. If you do decide that this is
something that you are interested in please call me and we will take it from there. If you have further questions
I would love to sit down with you and answer those for you. You can also go to my website at and click on “sell Mary Kay” at the top right to read and hear more about
our business. If you decide that this is not something for you please fell free to pass this information along to
anyone you know that you think would be interested in some extra income this time of year.
Kristin McMahon
The company has a philosophy of God first, family second and career third. We get to design our life so that
we can live out that philosophy. If you are feeling that you would like more time with your family or to
pursue your other dreams or interests but simply don’t have the time, imagine a lifestyle where you get to set
your own schedule and earn more in less time.
We have some of the highest paid women in America right here in Mary Kay cosmetics. This opportunity can
provide a way out of debt, starting those college funds for the kids, vacations, that dream home, or just a little
extra each month.
We are not a pyramid or multi-level company but rather a dual-marketing system. We do not have a
hierarchy of discounts. All of our consultants order their products at a 50% discount directly from the
company. That is the largest commission of any direct-selling company.
We do not have any quotas of sales on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Your first order only has to be a minimum of $200 wholesale with incredible bonuses starting at $600.
We do not have any territories, so you can build your business and service customers anywhere in the U.S.
Mary Kay has been the #1 best-selling brand of facial skin care and color cosmetics in the United States for
14 years! WOW! You do not have to be the “sales type” to do Mary Kay, by simply showing the product, it
will sell itself.
Our product is consumable! Your customers will be re-ordering from you consistently. The work you do
today will continue to pay you for months and years to come. You can make a significant income on your
reorders alone.
We have a “praise women to success” philosophy so we recognize our consultants and reward them with
fabulous prizes weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
We get to meet new people and be surrounded by women that are positive and enthusiastic.
We have the opportunity to earn a gorgeous Smoky Platinum Chevy Malibu working the business 8-12 hours
a week.
The cost to get started is only $100. The enclosed flyer shows you all that you get with your starter kit. There
is over $300 worth of samples, supplies and product included.