Information for Departments

Data Protection Provisos & Data Release Form
The Development and Alumni Office holds the 'golden copy' for all University of Edinburgh
alumni. We are often asked for data from specific departments for mailings.
We hope the following points are helpful but please feel free to discuss requirements with us once
you have read the following:
Data criteria
We can search for alumni by:
 Year of entry or leaving
 School or faculty
 Subject
 Country or town of residence
Giving of data is subject to the following points and Data Protection provisos:
Please note we cannot supply details if an alumnus has asked us not to contact them - they
will be suppressed by our data search.
We can only supply the data on the strict understanding that
 it is used solely for a one off mailing
 it is used as quickly as possible after receipt
 the data is destroyed immediately after use
Data must not be retained nor used by any other colleagues.
We can initially give you an indication of numbers of alumni included in your search but
will give mailing data only after you have completed, signed and returned a Data Protection
form (provided by the Alumni Office) agreeing to the terms and conditions.
Naturally if an alum responds to your mailing then they are happy for you to keep in touch
and you can capture their data given by them direct to you at that point.
Should you wish to mail again, for example to non-respondents, please get back in touch
with the Alumni team. We will then pull the most current data based on the agreed criteria
from the database. This means you always get up to date data that will include any changes
of address etc.
Your mailing to the graduates should state quite clearly the reasons for writing and the
purpose for which any responses will be used. Records Management can check your
Please also note if you have a student helping you with research and the mailing they must
be aware that they are doing so under the auspices, and in the name of, the University and so
they must be instructed in Data Protection good practice and understand they may only see
or use the data for the specific purpose.
Finally, the Alumni Team receives many requests for information and so please
 be specific in the exact information you require at the start
 give as much notice as possible (at least 4 weeks) before any planned mailing
Our primary function is to service the needs of our Alumni. If you receive an enquiry please
forward on our contact details.
Today’s Date
Date Required
Accepted by (DA)
Description of details required (eg Full Name, Degree, Subject, Year of Graduation).
Purpose of request and names of those who will have access.
Do you wish to include the following groups: Please tick.
Lost Addresses
Couples (married graduates together)
Individuals (married graduates treated as individuals)
Which formats would you like?
I understand that under the terms of the Data Protection Act, information from the University’s database can
only be used for the purpose of organising reunions, fundraising and membership administration. I hereby
undertake not to allow this information to be used for any other purpose, or to be passed to other parties for
any purpose whatsoever and that any amendments relating to the data that I receive will be forwarded to
Development and Alumni to ensure the integrity of the data for future information requests. The data
provided can only be used for the purpose specified on this form and cannot be kept or used again and must
be destroyed after use.
Return to: Development & Alumni, Charles Stewart House, 9-16 Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1HT
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0131 650 2240
Fax: 0131 650 2239