Intro to YUPRO

Year Up Professional Resources, PBC
Kathy Hardy, President
[email protected]
Sahaar Rezaie, West Coast Director
[email protected]
Objectives today:
What is YUPRO?
What have we done?
How we can help!
What is YUPRO?
Raise your hand!
What is YUPRO?
- Public Benefit Corporation (for-profit/social purpose)
- Provide alumni with career support and development regardless of years of work
- Charge Market level pay rates and above for contracted services
- Drive temporary to permanent jobs
- Offer customers a creative, socially responsible alternative for their workforce needs
- Generate profits that are returned to Year Up for alumni support
- Provide national access to a unique group of workers
What is YUPRO not?!
Raise your hand!
What is YUPRO NOT trying to be??
A staffing or temp agency (we look for 6 month assignments at the very least)
- A provider of independent contractors (ICs, 1099)
- A payrolling agency
- A low cost provider of contracted services
- An educational company
- An employment agency
- The only staffing company Year Up uses
Top Ten Reasons We Started YUPRO!
• #10 Try a for-profit concept to bring dollars back to Year Up
• #9 Offer benefits and market wages to contractors
• #8 Increase geographic opportunities for alumni
• #7 Further engagement with our current partners
• #6 Create a national skill database
• #5 Increase contract extensions and conversions to permanent jobs
• #4 More support for Year Up Alumni Services
• #3 Alumni Continued Engagement /National footprint
• #2 Alumni Career Development
• #1 Increase Alumni Livable Wage!
How does YUPRO Support you?
• As we sign vendor contracts with organizations, we gain visibility into their job
posting (handout)
• We then run a search to match the skills and experience needed to alumni with
those skills and experience
• We connect with the alum, and determine if they are interested in becoming a
candidate for the job
• We help you adjust your resume, prepare for the interview and coach you through
the interview/hiring process
• If the position is a temp to perm or contracted position, we stay engaged bi-weekly
with calls and check-ins with the manager
• We provide the contract worker with HR support and weekly paychecks and
Our Six Month Milestones
“What have we done?”
• Enrolled 1000 members in our system
• Began process for upload of remaining 5000 into system
• Negotiated agreement with 10 corporate partners
• Obtaining access into 10 corporate job posting systems
• Launched in four cities
• Hired an Operations Manager
• Developed an on-line training program for members only
• Created the Pathways to Success Program
The Next Six Months
• Enroll 6000 alums in our program
• Move from 10 contracts with organizations to 30
• Obtain access into 30 additional corporate job posting systems
• Launch in four additional cities based on alumni involvement and need
• Increase our training library for all three levels of work experience
• Connect with small to mid-size organizations to broaden our network
Let us open doors for you!!!!
Thank you for spreading the YUPRO word!!!!
Kathy, Sahaar and Trina
Send any questions to [email protected]
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