LDHSS Parent Council Meeting 27th November 2012

Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School
Council Meeting – 27 November 2012
Attendance: Lauralee Comeau (Co-Chair), Taz Mawji (Co-Chair), Nazli Aizaz, Nura
Brown(recording secretary), Anjum Shahnaz, Ravinder Minhas, Shemina Kherani, Ken
Medland, Sharon Judge-Hatoum, John Rivenell, Carole Wood
Parents: ), Christina Thiele, Rosalia Cornejo-Parriego, , Patrick Burnside, Shawna Thibodeau,
Susan Klimchuk, Bonnie Horton, Cheng Zhao, Andrew Day
Regrets: Janet Myers
Meeting Commenced: 7:02PM
Agenda Approved: Shemina Kherani and Ken Medland
Minutes Approved: Taz Mawji and Nura Brown
Rideauwood: (Lindsay Lidster)
Introduction of Self & Rideauwood
Nov 27/12
Currently have a Rideauwood School-based counsellor in all English speaking high schools in
Served over 1300 students last year in counselling
5000 students participated in prevention and awareness sessions
Delivered training and education sessions to hundreds of teachers and parents through various
school and community events
My role within the school is to support students referred to the school based substance abuse
program by
o Providing individual counselling (motivational in nature, stages of change)
o Providing education and awareness around various topics, drugs and their effects. This
may be looked at as prevention work for students who may be struggling with peer
pressure, bullying, mental health or curiosity about drugs. Gives opportunity to ask their
questions in a safe environment and talk about challenges they face at school, home,
o Connecting them with other services or supports in the school or community that may
be assessed as necessary (mental health agency, social work, guidance)
Support students who are impacted by alcohol/drugs/gambling in any way
o Student’s own use might be impacting them (grades, social life, family relationships,
physical health)
o The student might be worried about a friend, sibling, parent or other family members’
use and be seeking support or have questions (may be impacted by stress from their
environment in which a family member is struggling with addiction)
Support parents though:
o Phone or individual meetings if you have questions, concerns or would like
tips/feedback and education
Referring to other supportive agencies and resources based on personal needs plus
connect you with Rideauwood’s Parent programs (Family Spiral & PEAK)
School Based and Parent Program Overview- Connecting with services
Referrals come from parents, guidance counsellors, Principals/Vice Principals, teachers
Confidentiality- Session content is confidential to preserve the supportive relationship with the
student, however a privacy policy is always discussed to inform the student when confidentiality
must be breached in cases where there is
o Harm to self or others
o Drug use is deemed life threatening and the client’s judgment is impaired to the point
where sound decisions are not being made
o Life threatening situations where a student may be under the influence and medical
attention may be required immediately
Parent Consent- required under 16 years old, forms will be sent home through the school or
with the student to sign and I always call to introduce myself and provide support
80% of students referred to the school based program follow up with a counsellor and are
admitted into counselling. This high rate of engagement is a hallmark of the school-based
Getting your child involved if you suspect there is drug use or have concerns/questions
o Call me directly at Rideauwood and leave a voicemail is the easiest way (let me know
who the student is, their age, grade) and I can get back to you over the phone to consult
and get some more information. I will generally then inform guidance who I am working
with so we can work together as a team within the school
o If you are in contact with a guidance counsellor or principal/ VP at any time, can also let
them know of your concerns and they will pass the referral along to me
Getting involved with Parent programs
o First step is to call Rideauwood to do a parent intake with an intake counsellor. You will
be signed up for: Family Spiral- 2 information/education sessions the first 2 Thursdays of
each month, Parent and Education on Addictions and Kids 6 week evening program and
then Phase II connects you to an individual counsellor and support groups
We recommend doing the Family Spiral first and if interested in continued support following
through with the rest of the options and individual counselling- can still be connected with the
school based counsellor while doing the educational pieces
o There is a waitlist and a fee for some services
Longfields Monday mornings and Wednesdays all day so you can also call the school to speak
with me at those times
Trends/Continuum of use
Students/Adults use in various ways on a continuum from no use to addiction/dependency
(Non-problematic vs. Problematic), majority of students experiment (curious, belonging)
The majority of students I see are not dependent/addicted; they fall somewhere in between
social use and abusing drugs harmfully (regular)
The majority of students in grades 7, 9, 10 report never having used cannabis
addiction process happens more quickly for youth the younger the age of first use (brain
development, acting on emotional/primitive part of the brain, frontal cortex not developed until
about 25 years)
#1- Alcohol (binge drinking), #2 Cannabis, #3 Nicotine, #4 OTC/prescribed pain killers
The vast majority of grade 9 students do not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana
The number of students using or experimenting with substances increases as the grade
increases- face more peer pressure, parties, independence and curiosity
Minority of students are using opiates, cocaine or other drugs
Media- Fentanyl, Bath Salts, Oxy
Not that the number of people using has increased, but drugs are more potent than they were
(increased harms and dangers related to health, laced with more harmful things)
Information Package/Discussion/Questions
How to talk to your kids about drugs if you did drugs (often dread the alcohol/drug talk for fear
of the question “did you do drugs?”- how to strategically answer your children without lying or
giving too much information away; some information can be held against you), delusional
Drug and Alcohol info package- tips on how to communicate about drugs and alcohol with your
Understanding it may be hard for a young person to give up using if it is serving a function for
them (belonging, stress relief, escape, friends, fun/enjoyment- reward, dopamine increase);
there may be an underlying problem to address that the young person is self-medicating, youth
naturally have more difficulty regulating own emotions of anger/stress/boredom
Imagine the feelings of giving up something that is important for you to get through the day
(coffee in the morning, cell phone, email)- can be frustrating, sense of loss, challenging
Resources: streetdrugs.org, CAMH.net (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
Co Chair Report: (Taz Mawji and Lauralee Comeau)
(Includes QSP/Dining Card updates)
Co Chair report October 31st to November 26th 2012
October 31st—Taz engaged in a conversation with Nelly from Ottawa Public library, the Diversity
program manager. We reviewed the PRO Grant, and established as to how the library could assist.
1- Your school library needs title suggestions on specific subjects relating to parents engagement when
it comes to helping their children succeed in school. I am copying our Collection Management manager
on this request for her information.
2- you need a list of contacts at the settlement agencies that OPL partners with (appended)
3- you would like to know how we organize successful newcomers events at OPL, with details on when,
who, what, etc.
I also proposed to you to give you a heads up about next year's events so you can in turn send it out to
the parents on your distribution list.
November 2nd 2012;
Fundraising Proposal:
We received an email from a parent with a fundraising proposal. We responded to her that we would
need to bring it forth to the council to determine if this something we feel is viable and practical for our
I have a child attending LDHSS and am the local rep here in Barrhaven. Scentsy does have a fundraising
package, for which a percentage of sales go to the charity (in this case the school) hosting. These funds
are basically my commission, which I am happy to pass on.
The process would be similar to many I'm sure you are familiar with. The promotional catalogue is
provided to students, along with order form etc. Prizes are awarded to the top seller, or top selling class
- all of that is open and can be decided upon by myself and the committee (taking into account
these also come out of my earnings, in affect).
A brief description of Scentsy. With all of the fundraising programs I have seen both my children come
home with over the years (magazine subscriptions, chocolates, wrapping paper etc) I have never seen
this one come home. It's a product I was introduced to as a customer, absolutely fell in love with it and
decided to branch out on my own. Although there are other products available (all within the
catalogue) the main product of interest to myself and I believe most are the wickless, scented wax
warmer which come in a variety of styles, sizes and over 80 scents.
They really are hard to describe, so I am attaching the fall/winter catalogue, as well as the holiday
brochure. You really have to see these .My house smells amazing now that I've started using these and I
no longer have the worry of candles or any flame.
There would be no cost to the school, any fees (purchase of catalogues, order forms etc) I would deduct
initially, with the balance of funds raised donating to the school. Obviously proof of all activity would be
The campaign could run for 3 weeks (recommended in order to deliver product ordered in a timely
Have a look at the catalogue. I have a great selection of warmers (both table format and plug in) at my
home, as well as a complete set of scents. Let me know what you think, if you have any questions etc.
I would love to work something out, to benefit the school (which my daughter absolutely loves after
just 2 months of attending). The benefit to me, basically, I'm new to the city and have an opportunity to
be involved with my daughters school for the first time, I enjoy doing it, and it certainly helps get my
name out there for future offers.
You can also visit the site at donissafescents.scentsy.ca
November 5th 2012; Taz developed the questions to be presented at the OCDSB board meeting on
November 6th 2012. Taz and Lauralee both attended the Parent Info night for Post Secondary
applications and obtained signatures from parents, in order to apply for the parent engagement grant.
November 6th 2012: Both Lauralee and Taz attended the OCDSB board meeting and asked questions
during the Public question period. Following is a summary from the minutes;
d. Lauralee Comeau, Co-Chair of Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School
Ms. Comeau asked what the strategy was to address long term sustainability in the Near West area, as
school populations are expected to rise. Manager Karyn Ostafichuk advised that more details will be
provided in future reports, adding that staff is aware that many schools are over-capacity. She added
that many schools function well at over 100 percent capacity, and portable capabilities and the physical
landscape of the school are also factors related to the functionality of a school.
e. Taz Mawji, Co-Chair of Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School
Ms. Mawji noted that many students transfer to the Catholic School Board when they are unable to
attend their neighbourhood OCDSB school. She asked what strategies were in place to keep students in
the OCDSB. She added that Minister Bob Chiarelli is planning on meeting with the Ministry of Education,
and asked why the Board has not acknowledged the meeting. Superintendent Clarke advised that, in
Ontario, at the secondary level, students are eligible to attend either public or Catholic school at their
discretion. With regard to the meeting with Minister Chiarelli, Superintendent Clarke advised that the
Superintendent of Instruction for that boundary was organizing the meeting.
November 7th 2012: Lauralee communicated with Rhonda from entertainment indicating to her that
today was the last day of the fundraiser. Lauralee continued to liaise with Rhonda to establish a
mutually agreeable time to hand over the remaining cards. We would like to thank Lauralee for taking
the lead on this fundraiser.
November 8th 2012:
Secondary School Committee Meeting (SCC):
Both Lauralee and Taz attended the secondary council Committee meeting whereby the Union
President Dan Maxwell and OCDSB Associate director were present. Director presented a summary of
the Student Survey Findings and indicated that thorough analysis needs to be sill carried out. Dan
Maxwell updated us on the withdrawal of services and took many questions from school
Lauralee also received a phone call from Dr. Peter Gamwell to follow up on our request for them to
meet with MPP Chiarelli. Lauralee provided an update on the responses we had received from
Superintendent of facilities at the Board meeting. He was surprised and felt they were not the
appropriate responses.
November 12th 2012: We received communication from Dr. Gamwell’s office, with a request for a
meeting personally to discuss the overcrowding issues at LDHSS. Taz was not able to attend the specified
times and dates, but indicated that we were comfortable with Lauralee attending and any consultation
needed would be completed promptly. We received a response that Dr. Gamwell would like both of us
present. We are still waiting for potential dates and times.
November 14th 2012:
QSP & Dining Card Fundraiser Update:
We received a cheque from QSP in the amount of $231.75. With deposit of $2314 plus cheque, we can
write a cheque for the School Library (just address it to LDHSS) in the amount of $2545.75. Pick a Prize
has been distributed.
Also sold another Dining Card for $20 so that would make the total deposit for this fundraiser at $720
and sold 36 cards. Invoice arrived for $432.35. Se are awaiting for a cheque to be sent. Profit from this
fundraiser is $287.65. Congratulations to Jesse B as top seller (sold 7 Cards), received the $100 Future
Shop Gift Card.
November 15th 2012; Thank you Carole wood and her team of set up and Clean up, as well as to parents
who either donated money or food items to make the Intermediate Teacher Supper a success. Lauralee
presented a card to Carole from the Intermediate team in appreciation of the meal.
Taz had to send out a few emails to encourage parent participation. We received an email from a parent
questioning as to where the activity fee went, when there is no activities planned, and we are still asking
for donations, and had issues with the so called sophisticated menu. Taz responded to her that any
questions with regards to the activity fee needs to be directed to Patsy Agard and this supper is
voluntary and not mandated.
November 16th 2012: we received an email from Councillor Harder’s office requesting us to send an
invoice for the amount of $350 for printing Gift cards. The purpose of this invoice is for them to process
a cheque for us to purchase gift cards that will be used to raffle on a monthly basis for the purpose of
raising more funds for the library. Taz liaised with Jane Lovsin, who very graciously developed an invoice
on letterhead and Taz provided Councillor Harder with the invoice. A cheque will be mailed to the school
November 19th 2012: we received our council liability insurance.
November 20th 2012: Patsy informed us that we will receive $360 from the department of Continuing
Education for the signatures obtained during the Parent Info Night for post Secondary Applications.
Lauralee also received an invoice for the dining Card Fundraiser. Here is the Dining Card Invoice for
$432.35. We took in $720 ($700 I gave you and I have $20 here) therefore profit is: $287.65
Every week when the updates were received from Michelle Giroux, it was disseminated by Taz to the
rest of the council.
November 23rd 2012: we received an email from a teacher involved in the Graduation planning.
I'm glad to be able to touch base with you about Grad Events this year and the role that I play in them.
As you can imagine, we have not had a whole lot of activity recently in light of the recent political
situation, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.
I have a group of about 50 grade 11 students who are going to work with me to plan several activities
from now through June. These activities might include a BYOBowl (Sundaes), Surprise Goody Bags, a
Casino Night and a few other things. The grade 11s are excited to be involved knowing that next year, I
will work with the new bunch of Grade 11s to organize fun events for them when they are in Grade 12.
We call this group Pay It Forward.
Patsy has told me that you will be taking care of the Grad Dance. That is fantastic. If you need students
to run the canteen, coat check, take tickets, decorate please let me know. I've got a great group that are
eager to help out where needed.
We are currently organizing a "Holiday Party" at Boston Pizza on December 10th. This event is run by a
small group of Grads because the funds being raised are for their own Legacy Project. If there is any way
that Parent Council could help out with a little bit of money to purchase decorations and a few small
prizes (we are having a raffle included as part of the event), that would be awesome. We are hoping to
get each department donating a gift card or something similar for a business in the Barrhaven area, and
Patsy is offering Free Grad Fees for one student. Let me know what you think.
Both Lauralee and Taz were a little confused as there appeared to be content in it that we were not
aware that council would be leading. Clarification is warranted prior to committing
Council is then looking for approval of a $50 cheque as the Committee is then able to purchase either
gift cards or prizes for the December 10th event.
Financial Statement:
Balance as at October 29, 2012
Deposit November 5, 2012
-QSP & cheque from OCDSB
Deposit November 8, 2012
cheque #40 (insurance)
Balance as at November 26, 2012
Outstanding items: payment to Entertainment Publications re: Dining Card $432.35, cheque to LDHSS
(library) $2545.75
Total once outstanding items are taken off $6,098.41
Teachers Report and Principal Report:
School Council- November 2012
1. Work sanctions secondary- generally things went well- our students were cooperative and
adapted well to the entire situation. Next week elementary work to rule begins. Not sure what it
will look like but we will receive direction soon.
2. Secondary report cards will be reissued on Dec. 7 and will include marks and comments.
3. November 9 we held our Academic Awards ceremony in the morning- great attendance by
students and parents we also held our annual Remembrance Day assembly on Nov. 10 and WEB
held a movie night for grade 7 students
4. Winter sports for secondary are underway- we have jr and sr boys’ basketball, sr girls’ volleyball,
curling and boys hockey. Math contests have resumed as have band concerts
5. End of year trip planning is underway for grade 7 & 8 students. Grade 7 will go to Arrowhead
and grade 8’s to Quebec City. Secondary music is looking at going to Chicago, Intermediate
looking at a trip also
6. Our grade 12 French class made a video that is one of the finalist for the Ottawa U contest – all
members of the class will receive a 1000 scholarship- the winner will be announced on Dec. 7
and could get each student a 2000 scholarship
7. LDH is busy over the next few weeks – Friday an intermediate assembly on Scoliosis, and our
annual boys’ volleyball classic tournament, Tuesday an assembly for secondary French students,
Thursday an assembly for grade 8,9 & 10 girls- Friday an assembly for all secondary students
“Out in the Open” and UBUNTU for grade 9’s – Tuesday Dec 11 – English intermediate classes
will be part of a Me to We presentation
8. LDH will take part in the White Ribbon campaign – ribbons are available in the main office
9. Our first grad event will take place on Dec 10 at Boston Pizza- other activities to follow including
a grad dance in February
10. We will be holding a secondary dance on Dec 20 and an intermediate dance on Dec. 2111. Other big events for Dec – Toy Mountain and a Food Drive
Meeting adjourned: 9:08pm
Next Meeting: January 29th at 7pm