Teaching Assistant with lunch time duty - Job

Teaching Assistant with Lunch Duty – H1-H4
Purpose of Job
To support and assist in the classroom with implementing the principles and practice of the
curriculum and to provide cover during the lunch period.
Main areas of Responsibility
To play a part in ensuring the environment in the class areas is stimulating and reflects the
children’s learning.
Welfare – to attend to children involved in minor accidents or incidents and to look after the
hygiene and health requirements.
Teacher Support -
Lunch Duty
to organise resources required by the class teacher, responding to
requests to help with changing displays, photocopying, record keeping
to work with small groups of children under the direction of the class
teacher as required;
to assist with providing cover during the lunch period.
Organisation line of management
Deputy Head
Leader of Foundation/Middle School/Upper School
Class Teacher
Teaching Assistant/Lunch Duty Supervisor
To work under the supervision of the class teacher/lunch duty supervisor
Job Context
To support teaching staff in the classroom and sometimes work with small groups in other
parts of the school, including being responsible for parts of outdoor play.
Deputy Head
Class Teacher
Pupils and parents
Knowledge, experience and training.
- communication skills, both written and oral;
- interpersonal skills.
- training in the principles and practice of the Curriculum;
- qualifications in the skills and knowledge useful to carrying out the tasks
required in the classroom.
For H4 positions it is assumed HLTA qualification or equivalent is evident and class teaching
responsibility is built into the role.
Problems and decisions
Taking prompt and appropriate action in dealing with accidents and incidents
Maintaining a good relationship with teaching staff and pupils
Conveying to appropriate persons any difficulties being experienced in carrying out the job
To be aware of child protection procedures and understand the confidentiality of aspects of the
Additional Information
To integrate into all areas of job accountability the actions and behaviours required to actively
implement the County Council’s Equal Opportunities policy ‘Putting People First’.
If appointed this contract is subject to a 26 week probationary period as determined by HCC
since 1st October 2011.