Conservation Activities for 6th grade science (nmgk12

Conservation Activities for 6th grade science (nmgk12-project# 158)
The following are websites that were found to be useful when searching for activities
pertaining to conservation, recycling and reducing waste. Please note that most of the
websites are for grades K-12. The activities used from the website are described where
appropriate along with relevant notes.
Los Angeles Educational Partnership Learning Exchange Website
Composting activity (no grade specified)
Activity #3 – Back to nature
In this activity, the students have the opportunity to make their own composting pots and
learn about which objects decompose and which do not. The pots can be used
individually or in small groups. Additionally, the teacher can assign objects to different
groups so that a wide range of objects can be used. The materials for this activity should
be easily obtained and no compost pile is necessary.
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Website
Several activities were selected from this website.
Unwrapping packaging (grades 4-12)
This activity examines excessiveness and recyclebility in product packaging. Math is
integrated into this activity.
Litter detectives (grades K-12)
This activity raises awareness in students about littering at their schools and in their
Composting: “A Great Way to Rot” (grades 4-6)
This composting activity is great if there is a place to put the compost pile on the school
United States Environmental Protection Agency Website
All the water in the world (grades K-3, 4-6)
This activity integrates science and math. It shows the students that though most of the
earth is covered in water, little is available for our needs, including drinking water.
Comes with an activity sheet.
AskEric Website
This is a great website for K-12 lessons, activities and projects. No activity was used on
this particular project, but a site worth noting.