Biography-Dr. Shimon Rochkind
Dr. Shimon Rochkind serves as a Director of
Division of Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction in Tel
Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.
After completion of his neurosurgical residency at
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (1989) he also
completed two fellowships: Pediatric Neurosurgical
Fellowship in The Hospital For Sick Children in
Toronto, Canada (1988-89) and Brachial Plexus and
Peripheral Nerve Senior Fellowship in Groot Schuur
Hospital in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
Currently Dr. Rochkind serves as one of Fellowship Directors of American Society for
Peripheral Nerve; he is a Board Member of Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee of the
World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies; he is a Senior Editor of Photomedicine and
Laser Surgery journal and is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Reconstructive
Microsurgery and of 2 additional international clinical and scientific journals.
Dr. Rochkind specializes in microsurgery and neurosurgery of peripheral nerves, brachial
plexus, lumbo-sacral plexus and cauda equine injuries and tumors.
His scientific and clinical interests are: Clinical development and use of modern
microsurgical and reconstructive approaches for treatment of peripheral nerve and brachial
plexus; Clinical development and use of modern microsurgical approaches for treatment of
cauda equine pathology, peripheral nerve and brachial plexus tumors; Experimental studies
on reconstruction of complete peripheral nerve and spinal cord injury using nerve cell tissue
engineering technology, as well as clinical and experimental development of laser
technology and methodology for treatment of injured peripheral nerve.
Dr. Rochkind is a reviewer of 9 international clinical and scientific journals, among them:
The New England Journal, Neurological Research, Biomaterials, Lasers in Surgery and
Medicine, Experimental Pathology, Brain Research, Archives of Orthopedic and Trauma
Surgery, and Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery.
He is the recipient of 8 international and 2 national awards for basic and clinical research.