December 1, 2015 AHD Objectives
1. Describe the clinical presentation and pathophysiology of concussion
or mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI).
2. Know the indications for imaging following traumatic brain injury.
3. Outline the systematic approach to the evaluation and diagnosis of
4. Review the current best practices for the management and treatment
of MTBI.
5. Define persistent deficits associated with post-concussion syndrome
and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
Peripheral Neuropathy:
1. Describe how to localize the symptoms of distal numbness, tingling,
pain, and weakness to a peripheral neuropathy as opposed to a central
process, nerve plexus process, multiple nerve root process, or a single
nerve root process.
2. List several causes of peripheral neuropathies causing axonal injury,
demyelinating injury, or mixed injuries.
3. List several blood tests that should be ordered in the basic workup of a
peripheral neuropathy.
4. Describe electrodiagnostic testing and the indication for its use.
Explain the limitations of nerve conduction testing and
5. Describe the indications for nerve biopsy and skin biopsy in the
evaluation of peripheral neuropathy.
6. Describe the two goals of treatment of peripheral neuropathy.
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