If we took our cell, our manufacturing techniques

If we took our cell, our manufacturing techniques, our higher quality and placed
the same margin on them that other vendors place on lower quality cells, lower
quality building techniques, and therefore lower standards we would be quoting
this package at not less than $227.00 each.
We are trying very hard to keep the price under $200.00 each by using a lower
margin and lower operating cost. No fancy buildings, etc. We do volume
discounting. In recelling volume starts at twenty four units. Individual cells at five
hundred units, assembly packs at 500 units, etc.
The volume discount on 500 units is currently $187.00 each and will increase
soon. I do not like it when people charge me one price and someone else a
lower price. So, we run the volume discount price for everyone. That way
people with your volume pay the same $187 and not $237.