Admissions 2015-16 FLYER for Parents

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School
Hastings Road, Bexhill-on-Sea
East Sussex, TN40 2ND
Tel.: 01424 735810
Fax: 01424 733664
[email protected]
Acting Headteacher: Miss Véronique Vanderschelden
10th October 2014
Applying for a place at St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School for
Reception Class 2015-2016
If you child was born between 01.9.2010 – 31.8.2011, it is now time to apply for a school
place. Parents and carers are requested to apply online via East Sussex County Council
website at, which offers online application system and
provides important information.
The online application system is now open and parents must apply by 15th January 2015.
Parents with no access to the online application system may request a paper copy of the
application form. A hard copy of the Admission Booklet may be viewed at the school office on
request. The booklet can also be viewed or downloaded from the County’s website
You must apply by 15th January 2015!
Any applications made after 15th January 2015 will be considered as ‘late applications’.
Late applications will be accepted but may not be considered at the initial allocation stage.
Please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
If you wish to apply for a place in Reception Class 2015-2016 at St Mary Magdalene Catholic
Primary School, you will also be required to provide:
Completed and signed Supplementary Information Form,
Copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate,
Any other important information you wish the Governors to consider.
NOTE: Parents with a sibling/siblings already on roll at the school are still required to apply
for a place for their younger child and submit supporting evidence, as specified above, as
places are not allocated to siblings automatically.
Supporting evidence must be submitted directly to the school office by 15th January 2015.
The Policy and Procedures for Admission in 2015-2016, Supplementary Information Forms
and School Prospectus will be available from the school office during the open days and may
also be requested from the school office from 10th October 2014.
The Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Trust is a Registered Charity No 252878
Detailed information regarding the application process may also be viewed at the school’s
website at .
Please do not post any supporting evidence to the East Sussex County Council, as this may
cause unnecessary delays.
Parents and children interested in applying for a place at St Mary Magdalene School are
invited to visit us for a presentation and tour of the school during our open days.
This will be a very good opportunity for you to meet the school’s Headteacher and the
Governors, and find out more about the school.
Monday 10th November 2014 – 6.00 – 7.00pm
Wednesday 12th November 2014 – 9.30 – 10.30am
Please telephone the school office on 01424 735810 to book an appointment.