Vocabulary Words for 9th Grade (advanced)

9th Grade (Advanced) Vocabulary – Weeks 1-5
Lesson 1
Preclude: to prevent; make impossible
Epiphany: sudden understanding, insight, or revelation about an underlying truth
Fortuitous: occurring by chance, accidental; lucky, fortunate
Lament: to mourn or express sorrow
Assimilate: absorb or be absorbed (often by another culture); make similar
Ambivalence: mixed or constricting feelings; simultaneous conflicting feelings
Lesson 2
Analogous: two or more items that are similar
Audacious: bold or daring; not restrained
Fortitude: strength to face adversity
Resilient: able to survive and rebound from difficult circumstances
Conviction: belief
Adversity: misfortune or hard luck
Lesson 3
Anecdote: a short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident
Malevolent: wishing evil to others; hostile, marked by desire to cause pain or distress to
Precocious: exceptionally early in development –
Plethora: over-fullness; superabundance; a lot
Gesticulate: use gestures (movement of limbs) instead of or to reinforce speech
Discern: to detect or recognize; make out
Lesson 4
Condone: to excuse or overlook an offense, usually a serious one, without criticism
Imperative: absolutely necessary
Zealous: very eager; enthusiastic
Dire: dreadful; terrible
Fervent: having or showing great intensity of feeling, passionate
Parsimony: parsimonious; stinginess, stingy
Instigate: to stir up or cause to happen
Prudence: cautious, good judgment
Coveted: desired strongly, wished for longingly
Impunity: freedom from punishment, harm, or bad consequences
Infallibility: the state of being incapable of making an error
Precariously: dangerously; insecurely
9th Grade (Advanced) Vocabulary – Lessons 6-10
Lesson 6
Oppress: keep in subservience; govern; control; treat cruelly
Bigot: one who is intolerant of others
Nostalgia: a sentimental yearning to return to the past
Impartial: not biased; treating all equally
Impervious: not able to be affected or disturbed
Implausible: not believable; provoking disbelief
Lesson 7
Disingenuous: crafty, not straightforward, sneaky
Solace: comfort during a time of sorrow or disease
Unpretentious: modest; lacking pretention
Melancholy: sadness, depression, gloom; thoughtful reflection
Irresolute: unsure of how to act, undecided; indecisive
Malicious: with evil intent
Lesson 8
Tenacious: that which holds together with strength
Pernicious: causing insidious harm or ruin, hurtful or fatal
Avarice: greed for riches, miserly desire to gain and hoard money
Contemptuous: showing or expressing disdain, scornful
Petulant: moved to or showing sudden, impatient, irritation
Ebullience: high spirits, exhilaration, exuberance
Lesson 9
Impalpable: incapable of being perceived by the sense of touch, difficult for the mind to
grasp easily
Taut: tense; emotionally or mentally strained
Incredulity: inability or unwillingness to believe
Cynicism: distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; showing contempt for
accepted standards of honesty and morality
Skepticism: inclined to doubt or question accepted opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc.
Derision: ridicule or mockery
Lesson 10
Propitiate: to make favorably inclined: appease; conciliate
Beguiled: to influence by trickery; to take away from by cheating or deceiving
Rancor: bitter resentment or ill will; hatred
Suppress: put an end to, especially forcibly; prevent from being done, seen, heard or
Marginalize: make or treat as insignificant; minority cultures have often been
marginalized by majority cultures
Philanthropy: concern for fellow humans, especially through gifts that encourage and
promote social welfare