Hunger Games Part 1 Vocabulary 1. Utopia

Hunger Games Part 1 Vocabulary
1. Utopia-ideal perfect society or community
2. Dystopia-society in a controlled state
3. Entrails- internal intestines or organs
4. Reaping- harvest
5. Apothecary- a druggist or pharmacist
6. Iridescent- displaying a play of lustrous colors like a rainbow
7. Paraffin- wax used for candles; colorless and odorless
8. Tesserae- a small piece used in mosaic work
9. Meager- having little flesh or lean, thin
10. Racketeers- a person engaged in a racket (gambling/ blackmail)
11. Sustenance- means of sustaining life, nourishment
12. Tribute- to honor or respect someone or something
13. Repentance- to feel regret for an error, sin, etc.
14. Treason- betrayal of one’s country to an enemy
15. Synonymous-a word having the same or nearly the same meaning in the same
16. Tenuous-not substantial, flimsy
17. Plaited- braided or folded
18. Insurmountable- incapable of overcoming
19. Maces- spice or spikey metal balls used as weapons
20. Anti-climactic-a descent which is in disappointing contrast to a rise
21. Sanctioned- to make valid or binding by a formal procedure.
22. Demeanor- behavior towards others, outward manner
23. Decrepit- old and feeble
24. Inexplicable- incapable of being explained
25. Tureen- large covered dish for soup/stew/ etc.
26. Cornucopia- horn containing an abundance of food
27. Swathe- a bandage
28. Affectations- pretense
29. Adversaries- an opponent
30. Deluged- anything that overwhelms
31. Oblivious- unmindful, unconscious, unaware
32. Surly- rude, sullen
33. Sic- urge to attack
34. Irredeemably- hopelessly
35. Mediocre- moderate or low quality, so-so
36. Banal- lacking in originality
37. Ferocity- given to extreme fierceness and unrestrained violence and brutality
38. Gossamer- light, delicate, insubstantial
39. Anecdote- a story