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Pristina, 23rd May 2014
European Investors to contribute to the development of Kosovo
business environment
Sixteen investors from European Union member states and EFTA countries
have founded The European Investors Council (EIC) to foster investment plans
in Kosovo and responsibly contribute to the development of an efficient
business environment which is the cornerstone for a sustainable growth of the
economy and the improvement of social indicators.
The EIC is created to give a voice to the European investors with the aim of lifting the
systemic deficiencies of the business environment and increase the foreign direct
investments which in turn would realise Kosovo's potential by building
competitiveness and capacity for citizens and businesses alike.
Who are EIC founding members?
The European Investors Council is a non-profit, non-governmental business
organisation, founded by 16 investors from European Union and EFTA countries:
ARDA REI, Baker Tilly Kosovo, Coresteel, CROATIA Sigurimi, Ecovision, Illyria
Insurance, IPKO, M & Sillosi, Mamidoil Kosovo, NLB Prishtina, Panax Institute, Petrol
Oti Slovenia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, ProCredit Bank Kosovo, Raiffeisen Bank
Kosovo and Sharrcem.
The EIC members are operating companies in a variety of business sectors in the
Kosovo market and therefore have first-hand experience of certain systemic
drawbacks/adversities which not only impede the development of their activities but,
in some cases, undermine the sense of business itself. These issues have to be
properly and timely addressed by the Kosovo authorities in order to establish a stable
market and boost value creation through investment in Kosovo.
The EU Office in Kosovo /EUSR and the EBRD act as honorary members.
Stojan Pelko, Spokesperson & Press and Public Information Officer, European Union Office / EUSR,
[email protected], 038 5131 305, 00 386 49 787 928
Why is EIC needed?
Foreign investors that are today operating in Kosovo are experiencing several
significant deficiencies in the business environment which call for administrative
rectifications and repairs in the following areas of capital importance:
Equal treatment / Fiscal Compliance / Customs practices
Law enforcement / Lack of sub-legal acts / Efficiency of the Judiciary
Licensing and efficiency of administrative procedures
Energy, manufacturing and employment policies
Informal economy
The EIC members are facing such severe drawbacks which on one hand impede the
implementation of their business plans – hampering any investment included therein
– and make the country unattractive for new Foreign Direct Investment on the other.
What has EIC done already?
The EIC considers that such issues have to be addressed with the highest priority
and has already engaged in the following activates:
─ The creation of working groups to deal with the identified shortcomings. The
working groups would carry out in-depth analysis of each issue employing
external expertise where needed. The working groups would be open for direct
co-operation with public authorities relevant to the issue under examination.
─ The drafting of proposals based on the outcome of the working groups
analyses. Such proposals would include the financial, social and
environmental impacts as far as possible. Wherever feasible, the proposals
will be benchmarked with EU-states practices and regulations.
─ The disclosure of findings and proposals by means of open meetings and
dedicated events in order to present and discuss them with all stakeholders.
─ The close co-operation with the EU Office in Kosovo to verify that EIC
proposals do not divert from the EU principles and directions.
For more information on future work of the European Investors Council contact:
 Radica Nusdorfer, Deputy Head of Political, Economic and EU Integration
Section at the EU Office in Kosovo ([email protected])
 Edon Kalludra, Economic Affairs Policy Officer at the EU Special
Representative Office in Kosovo ([email protected]).
Stojan Pelko, Spokesperson & Press and Public Information Officer, European Union Office / EUSR,
[email protected], 038 5131 305, 00 386 49 787 928