KPI & Metric Questionnaire

 KPI & Metric Questionnaire
In our experience in order to make the implementation as efficient as possible it’s helpful to
follow these steps for each metric or KPI you want to deploy. The answers will help us better
understand the information you’re looking for and also the data assets we need to use. The
more detail you provide the more cost efficient it is for our team to implement.
Overview & Contextual Description
Please describe the metric / data you’re looking for in a simple sentence using the “what, how,
when” format. For example:
● I want to see all machines (what) with more than 5 patches missing (how) at any given
time (when)
● I want to see all tickets (what) by priority (how) for last week (when)
● I want to see all engineer hours (what) by billable category (how) for the month (when)
There could be more dimensions you’d like to see this metric. For instance, for example # 2
above, you may want to see all tickets by priority for last week, but you may want to see it for
each board or queue or team, etc. Please let us know if that is the case as well.
Information Delivery Details
● Who (what role) will be reviewing this information?
○ For example, Executives, Management, Employees
● When (frequency) would you like this information consumed?
○ Real Time, Multiple Times A Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
● How (what chart type) would you like this metric delivered?
○ Single Number
○ Table/List with details or columns of data
○ Chart - Pie Chart, Bar Chart or Line Chart
Supporting Documentation
● If you have leveraged this information before please send a sample report or screenshot
that contains the information
● If you have access, please send a screenshot of where you see the raw data within your
● If the data is in the database do you happen to know what Tables/Fields?