Orion QuikRead CRP

Orion QuikRead
Portable CRP Test Kit
QuikRead® 101 instrument
Magnetic calibrator card
Capillary tubes with plungers (20 uL)
Waterproof marker
Buffer with 1-mL dispenser
CRP reagent caps
Intended Use
• QuikRead® CRP is a quantitative test of
CRP in whole blood, serum or plasma
• CRP is an acute phase protein associated
with bacterial infection, inflammation or
tissue destruction
Test Principle
• Immunoturbidimetric test based on microparticles
coated with anti-human CRP F(ab)2
• CRP in sample reacts with the microparticles and
increases solution turbidity, proportional to the
CRP concentration
• Turn on QuikRead® 101 instrument
• Lot-specific calibration curve, coded onto a
magnetic card, is loaded into instrument
• Buffer is dispensed into cuvettes
• Blood (or serum or plasma) is added to buffer
and mixed
• RBCs are lysed and blank is read
Steps (cont.)
• Pre-calibrated reagents are dispensed from
• Capped cuvettes are mixed by vigorous
• Sample is read in instrument
• Result is recorded before removing cuvette
• Instrument performs self-check before next
Measurement Range
• 5 – 180 mg/L
Analytical Precautions
• Make sure that the magnetic card and reagents
have matching lot numbers
• Do not expose magnetic card to strong magnetic
• Do not touch the optical part (lower half) of the
• Clean the dispenser regularly with deionized
Analytical Precautions (cont.)
• Do not expose the reagent caps to moisture
• Check for air bubbles in buffer dispenser
tube and cuvettes
• Do not splash liquid into the measuring well
of the QuikRead® 101
• Results must be recorded before removing
cuvette from instrument or else the result is
Hematocrit Correction
• Calibration assumes a hematocrit of 40%
• Correction formula for different hematocrits
60 (plasma volume)
X CRP test result
100 – actual hematocrit
For example,
60 (plasma volume)
100 – 33
X 5 mg/L = 4.5 mg/L
Alternatively, use table of correction factors provided with kit