PowerPoint Lesson 5 - Science-Year-10

For Your Research
The Four Research Questions
1. What is the chemistry (including an equation)
of the process?
2. What are the factors that impact on the
reaction rate of this process?
3. Why would you want to control the reaction
rate of the process?
4. Which of these factors can be manipulated to
achieve the desired result?
How to Approach Question 1
• Example Topic: The Treatment of Indigestion
• What is the chemistry (including an equation)
of the process?
First Step
• I Googled ‘indigestion antacid chemical
• And selected the BBC Bitesize website, at:
Search Results
• I found that an excess of hydrochloric acid in your
stomach causes indigestion.
• Antacid tablets contain magnesium hydroxide or
magnesium carbonate: pick one.
• When carbonates react to neutralize acid, a salt
plus water plus carbon dioxide is produced.
• A general word equation is:
acid + metal carbonate
salt + water + carbon
• Write a word equation:
Hydrochloric acid + magnesium carbonate
carbon dioxide + water + salt
• Write the chemical equation:
HCl + MgCO3
CO2 + H2O + MgCl
• Balance it:
2HCl + MgCO3
CO2 + H2O + MgCl2