Alkali Earth Metals

By Ashur Wiedrich & Cody Canfield
The general name for elements located in
group 2.
This element burns with a intense white light.
Once lit it will continue to burn on it’s own. It
is also what makes the bright flash in
photographic flashbulbs.
Magnesium fires cannot be put out by fire
This element is a deadly long living fallout product
of an atomic bomb (I know there’s a b in there you
can’t hide it from me) It’s salts form a red flame
when burned. Also used for picture color tubes. Also
used in fire works to make them a crimson color.
(Not in handout)
Is necessary for muscle contraction, makes
strong bones and teeth (from milk) but cannot
be found alone in nature but can be mined
from common gypsum.
Compounds of this element make “drilling
Element that makes up and looks like most
emeralds. Also gives up neutrons for nuclear
The only
alkali metal.