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Extra cellular components

Collagen microfibrils

Image Credit: Fine structure of collagen circa 1948

The extracellular matrix

 Plant cell secrete cellulose and other carbohydrates

 Fungi and insect cells secrete chitin

 Bacteria secrete murin

 Animal cells secrete proteins (e.g. collagen) glycoproteins and other conjugated proteins

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Functions of extracellular matrix

 Mechanical, they give tissues strength and elasticity

 Protection against extracellular change and retention of water

 Control of cell behaviour by binding of growth factors and interaction with cellsurface receptors

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Animal tissues

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The formation of a cell plate starts as soon as the nucleus has divided

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Cell plate to cell wall

The cell plate becomes the middle lamella that glues the cells together

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New cell wall material is secreted either side of the middles lamella

= primary cell wall (no cellulose)

Growth of the cell is orientated by the appearance of cellulose microfibrils

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Sap vacuole

The secondary cell wall consists of cellulose microfibrils secreted inside the primary cell wall

When this forms the cell stops growing and takes its final form