Ch 3 Quick Quiz

True or False
1. One advantage of using removable storage
media is transportability.
2. Hard drives store data optically, with lasers.
3. CDs store data on a single, spiral track.
4. Disk caching can improve performance.
5. Smart cards are usually used to transport
large amounts of data from one PC to
Multiple Choice
6. A cluster is ________________________________.
a. several platters combined on a spindle.
b. a group of disk drives treated as a unit.
c. the smallest unit of read and write.
d. the smallest unit of allocation.
7. With a(n) _________, storage devices that are located in a separate
network are attached to the main network to provide storage
capabilities for the network.
a. disk cache
c. disk access time
d. storage area network
e. network attached storage
a. CD+RW
b. USB
c. pit
d. DVD-R
8. A burned or darkened area on an optical disc.
9. A rewritable optical storage medium.
10.A port often used to connect flash memory
drives and external hard drives.