Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Genetically Modified
Organisms (GMO)
By Corrin Breeding
Plant and Soil Science
Computers in Agriculture
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Definition of a GMO
What is Recombinant DNA Technology
How is it Helping
Are We Playing GOD?
Can it Hurt Us?
Possible Risks
You Decide!!!
What is a GMO?
A genetically modified organism is an organism
whose genetic material has been changed using
recombinant DNA technology.
Recombinant DNA
It is the ability to take
two different DNA
molecules (both coming
from different sources)
and combing them.
This is an example of a
tobacco plant that has
been spliced with firefly
A Brief History
The first experiment
involving genetic
engineering (process of
manipulating genes)
was conducted in 1973.
The experiment
resulted in recombinant
bacteria expressing
frog genes.
Uses of GMO’s
Its original purpose was to add genetic
material into an organism’s hereditary
information and produce new and useful
Today the original purpose still holds true.
Thanks to the advancement in technology,
results are quicker and more efficient.
How is it Helping Society?
Today GMO’s are used for:
Researching the functionalities of cancer and
other diseases in order to understand them
Researching for the pursuit of better
Researching animals and crops to enhance
quality and quantity of food
How is it Helping Society?
Thanks to GMO’s the number of pharmaceuticals
being produced is on the rise!
Are we Playing the Role of
Controversy surrounds
the fact that many other
experiments are
conducted for the sole
purpose of “meddling”.
For example these
“Glofish” were made for
the sole purpose to be
sold as pets.
Can Genetically Altered Food
Hurt Us?
Even though there are
no cases of genetically
altered food harming
individuals who
consume it, groups
(such as the Organic
Association) emphasize
on the long term risks
of eating it.
What Are These Risks?
One example is the case of a toxic genetically modified potato
made in Europe. Researchers found the potato, when it had
been experimented on using rats, damaged their immune
systems and violently stunted their growth. This started the
whole debate on how harmful or helpful GMO’s are.
You Decide!!!
Where ever you find
controversy there are
always different groups and
organizations who battle
over the pros and cons of
the situation…
Therefore many opinions
come into play and no
matter what some people
cannot be persuaded, but
everyone is entitled to their
own opinion.
Don’t Forget!!!
GMO’s are organisms whose genes have
been altered.
The main purpose is or SHOULD be (based
on what side you take) for the betterment of
No incidents are recorded where GMO’s,
when consumed, have caused death or
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!!!