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(First castle) Motte and Bailey castles
(Second castle)Stone keep castles
(Third castle)Concentric castle
Famous castles
The first ever castles to be built were called
Motte and Bailey. These castles were built by
the Normans to protect William the confessor
(as he defeated the old king Harold
Godwinson.) The height of the Motte is from 25
feet to 80 feet or maybe higher. They were built
nearly 500 years ago. That is a long time! The
Bailey was surrounded by a ditch, which was
called fosse. Motte was made out of earth, and
Bailey was made out of wood. This was very
bad because earth and wood burn down easily
so everyone who hated William burnt it down
over and over again.
After the Motte and Bailey castles they built stone
keep castles. These were better because they were:
fire proof ,water proof and they had thick walls. In
the stone keep castles there are 2 floors. They
usually had stone stairs on the outside. Stone
castles don’t have many windows at all. A stone
keep can have either a sides like a polygon or like a
circle. The polygon sides are better for defence
because there are so many sides. However the
round circle sides are stronger. Turrets were high
up so the guards could keep watch for any enemy
Concentric means a circle within a circle. In the
Concentric castles there are different levels. The
inside walls were built bigger than the outside
walls. Dover castle in the UK was, and still is one
of the first concentric castle ever built.
Concentric had a stronger keep and a main tower.
Moats were also introduced in these castles. All
of these concentric castles have glass windows.
They also have a gatehouse and a outer wall.
There are so many different castles in the world starting
from Motte and bailey to stone keep and then to
concentric castles they were all from the medieval times
to now 2013. There are now more castles there are
• Windsor castle
• Conwy castle
• Edinburgh castle
• Tintagel castle
So these are some of the most famous castles in the
world. However there are lots more. Do you know any
famous castles?
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