El Cid?

1. What can the pilgrims in Chaucer’s
Canterbury Tales tell us about life in
Medieval Europe?
• It can tell us about social classes, jobs,
clothing, interests, battles fought, religious
interests, food, and customs.
2. What religion and system of
government prevailed in western
Europe in 1000?
• Roman Catholicism and feudalism prevailed in
Western Europe in 1000.
3. Who came from France and
conquered England in 1066?
• William the Conqueror the Duke of Normandy
invaded England in 1066.
4. What actual war is commemorated
in the Poem El Cid?
• The struggle to recapture Spain and overthrow
the Muslims of North Africa.
5. Who called for the Holy Wars,
known as Crusades…
• The Pope called for the Crusades and various
kings, knights and warriors fought against the
Muslims in the holy land.
6. What holy city were the Crusades
trying to Liberate? Describe…
• The holy city was Jerusalem and it was a
bloody, deadly battle.
7. What were some of signs of the
Church’s power during/after the
• The Church owned and built churches,
cathedrals, universities, monasteries among
8. Some of the technological
advances…where did they come from?
• They mainly came from the Muslims that they
encountered in the Crusades.
9. Who was Marco Polo and where did
he come from?
• He was a trader from Venice, Italy.
10. What Asian ruler did Marco Polo
work for and what empire did he rule?
• Kublai Kahn’s was leader of the Mongol
11. What new military technologies
entered Europe from the Mongol and
Ottoman Empires?
• They were large, lightly armored cavalries and
12. What great natural disaster made
the fourteenth century disastrous for
• They epidemics of the bubonic plague/Black
Death were disastrous.
13. Why was Christopher Columbus
searching for a new route to Asia?
• The Ottoman Turks captured the Byzantine
Empire and closed the land routes to the East.