mHealth and Cloud Computing in Developing Countries

Kenya Background
Population of more than 43 million people
Half of population living in poverty
As of 2011, their GDP was estimated at 33.6
billion. However, only 4.6 percent of their GDP
was invested in its health care system
Preventable diseases remain a serious issue
South Africa Background
Poor distribution of resources between private
and public sector health workers, and within the
public sector
High rate of HIV/AIDS contraction
Life expectancy at birth is approximately 49
What is mHealth?
mHealth is the combining of mobile technologies
with existing health care systems to provide
health care delivery to customers.
the delivery of health-related services and
information via mobile technologies.
Sub-Areas of mHealth
mHealth & Tele-health
Tele-health is the delivery of health-related services and information via
telecommunications technologies
mHealth & Wireless Health
Wireless Health integrates wireless technology into traditional medicine,
such as for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of illness.
mHealth & eHealth
eHealth describes any healthcare practice supported by electronic
information processing and communication, so it has broader reach than
mHealth, which relates to practices using mobile technologies.
Mobile Health or Modern
Mobile Health includes the following
Voice & SMS
Laptop computers
MP3 Players
Patient monitoring devices
Mobile Health or Modern
Health? (Cont.)
Modern Health includes the following
Digital & electronic mobile health
Telehealth and telemedicine
Electronic sensors & cloud-based monitoring
Wireless connections
Electronic medical & personal health records
Mobile Phone Penetration
at a Glance
Source: ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database
Why mHealth?
Concerns with the various constraints felt by
healthcare systems in developing countries
Rapid rise of mobile phone penetration to large
segments of the healthcare workforce and
population as a whole in developing countries.
mHealth Implementation
Lack of physician/provider support
Lack of existing technology
Concerns about regulation of applications
Absence of legal guidelines on privacy and
mHealth Technology Platform for Patient
Engagement Applications (video)
The End
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