Patient Centered Model of Care

Patient Centered Care Model
Whiteboard Documentation & Communication about Pain
• RNs: Document “Pain Plan” on Whiteboard, Discuss Options, and Administer Medications
Assess and document pain score
Document “Pain Plan” on whiteboard (as shown)
Administer pain medication in a timely manner
PCTs: Anticipate Patient Needs Regarding Pain and Inform RNs as Appropriate
Check with patients about their pain
Inform RN about patient concerns regarding pain
Assist patients with pain related to mobility
• Utilize open space on the whiteboard
• Document medication name and amount
(e.g. “Norco 1-2 [tablets]”)
• Document frequency of administration
(e.g. “every 4 hours”)
• Document last dose given (e.g. “last at 7 am”)
• If patient is not in pain, document “Call if any pain”
Sample Patient Whiteboard
• Patients want to be informed about their pain regimen both verbally and visually
• Pain management is an essential part of each patient’s plan of care. Utilizing the Patient Centered Care
Model (ask about pain during rounds and document pain information on the whiteboards) will help to
engage patients in their pain management
Incorporating Service Excellence – Communicating about Pain Management
Patient Concern
Service Matters
Key Words at Key Times
Should I be
experiencing this
pain or discomfort?
“Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort?”
What can you do to
help me with my
“We want you to be as comfortable as possible. I am going to ask
you regularly to rate your pain from 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst pain
you ever had). I am going to work with your doctor to determine
how to manage your pain.”
How often do I
need to take my
pain medication?
“I will come back at {INSERT TIME} to give you another dose of
your pain medication. I am writing this time on your whiteboard so
it’s easy for you to remember.”
What is my pain
medication and
why do I need it?
“Your doctor has ordered {INSERT NAME OF MEDICATION} to
help you manage your pain. Let me tell you what it is for…”
Who can I talk to
about my pain?
Thank you
“You may experience some side effects. I want you to notify me if
you feel uncomfortable or experience these symptoms.”
“If you are still in pain or experiencing any discomfort from now
until the next time your pain medication is available, please don’t
hesitate to let me know so I can help.”
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