Power Point Presentation for Office 97-2003

Partners in Compassionate Care
Werkok, Sudan
Update 2008
What started as a simple vision . . .
From an ordinary person …
Became a calling . . .
Others shared in his vision and in
2004 PCC was formed. . .
Their message was brought to
Christians of West Michigan and
beyond . .
And together with God we have
begun the impossible!
It started as a grassy field . . .
Was dedicated to our mission . . .
And with your support and prayers has
started to grow . . .
Placing the
corner posts
And grow . . .
And grow . . .
Soon the roof and exterior walls were
being built!
Next came the concrete floors
Followed by wiring and metal studs
Then some drywall, mud, and paint
Ceiling tiles and lights
Can you imagine what God has done in
the middle of a Sudanese field?
But wait . . .
See what else He has done with
your donations and prayers!
Eye/Dental Clinic
Kitchen and Dining Hall
Generator Building
Volunteer Housing
Doctors’ Residence
Portable Operating Room
Storage Facility and Backhoe
Shower Facility and Retaining Pond
And even a fence!
So… once an empty field…
Is now the Memorial Christian Hospital
Dedicated to the Lost Boys of Sudan
The Sudanese and PCC thank you for your
continued prayers and financial support!
Would you like to become involved?
Visit our website at www.pccsudan.org
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