Foundations of Biofield Information Energy Medicine

Foundations of Biofield Information
Energy Medicine - Manual Modalities
Joanne Sienko Ott
Disease Manifestation
Disease manifests within our bodies in
various stages over time.
Symptoms will appear in the later stages of
a particular disease when diagnostic tests &
treatment is done.
The Body’s biofields can report imbalances
in the early stages before disease manifests.
Chinese Medicine
12 Meridian Alarm
(Mu Points)
 Similar to MMT and BDORT points
 Meridians are info pathways to organs
Bioelectromagnetic field
Bioelectromagnetic field
(The energy biofield defined)
An electromagnetic field generated by a
living system that propagates in free
space and is capable of transferring
energy and information from one
system to another
(Source: Hintz, Yount, Kadar, Schwartz, Hammerschlag, & Lin, 2003, p. 16)
Bioinformation Defined
An entropy-reducing signal generated by a
biological system.
Entropy Defined
In thermodynamics, information theory, a measure
of the disorderedness of a system. The higher the
entropy, the more disordered it is.
(Source: Hintz et al., 2003, p. 16)
Resonance Theory
 Resonance exists in cells, organs, bone, tissue, fluid,
food, disease, etc.
 Schumann resonance - vibration of similar
resonances will respond.
 Conscious thought and words contain resonance
 Optical vision carries resonance (more research necessary)
Muscle Testing Response
MMT and O-Ring (BDORT) are not muscle tests,
rather a useful evaluation tool for the
assessment of the musculoskeletal
and nervous system.
(Source: Cuthbert & Goodheart, 2007, p.1).
Muscle Technique Response
Positive Response
Negative Response
Is fruit good for my body and
my higher power?
Is sugar good for my body
and my higher power?
My name is Joanne.
My name is Fred.
I am a woman.
I am a man.
Types of Practitioners
Utilizing Manual Modalities
Biofield Information
 Chiropractors
 Acupuncturists
 Auricular Medicine
 Naturopaths
 Homeopaths
 Energy Medicine
 Nutritionists
 Medical Doctors
Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Medical Schools Curriculum includes
BDORT Modality
 Japan
 Venezuela
 Finland
 Yugoslavia
 Ukraine
BDORT also practiced in other countries outside of U.S., such
as in Latin America.
Diagnostic Possibilities
 Nutrition & Food intake
 Drugs or Supplements
 Treatments
 Dosages
 Diagnosis
 Cancer (early stage) & other diseases
 Diagnostic tests need
 Prenatal diagnosis
 Spinal Adjustments
Afya Centro Holistica da Mulher, Brazil
Diagnose with BDORT (Bioenergetico)