ICD10 Update

Portland Area ICD-10
Peggy Ollgaard
ICD-10 Coordinator
April 18, 2012
Phase 1 Plan
ICD-10 Implementation
Time Frame:
October 2011 through May 2012
Area/Facility Coordination
• Peggy Ollgaard, Business Office Coordinator, PAO
• David Battese, IT Specialist, PAO
• Donnie Lee, M.D., Area Diabetes Consultant, PAO
• Roney Won, PharmD, CAC/Area Pharmacist, PAO
Area/Facility Coordination, Cont.
• Neil Dial, BS Pharmacy RPh - Area Pharmacy / Electronic
Health Record Consultant
• Carol Prevost, RN MHSA, CEO Warm Springs SU
• Jamie Furniss, Health Systems Specialist, Ft. Hall SU
• Roberta Charlie, IT Specialist, PAO
Area/Facility Coordination, Cont.
• Point of Contact
A Dear Tribal Leader’s letter from the Area Director dated
January 20, 2012, asked that each site name an ICD-10
point of contact. This designee will receive all information
related to implementation, including training.
Submit to: Peggy Ollgaard 503.414.5598
or [email protected]
ICD-10 Awareness
• National ICD-10 Meetings/Calls
• Web site: http://www.ihs.gov/icd10/
• Listserv: http://www.ihs.gov/listserver/
• Presentations
Impact Assessment
• Internal/External Reporting
• Statistical Analysis
• Clinical and Operational Documentation
• Departmental workflow changes
Impact Assessment, Cont.
• Vendor and payer contracts
• Revenue stream
• COTS products
Impact Assessment, Cont.
• The Portland Area Team sent out an Impact/Rediness
Assessment to all Points of Contact on April 6, 2012.
This will give us an idea of the local efforts sites are
making toward implementation.
• The Assessments will be repeated as we move forward
with changes related to ICD-10.
Training Plan
Three Levels of Training:
• Code User – performance improvement, quality
management, case management, utilization review,
researchers, epidemiologist, data mangers, patient
registration, ancillary staff, public health nursing.
• Provider – clinician, physician, family nurse practitioner,
physician assistant, certified mid-wife, advance practice
• Intensive Coding – coder, biller, document improvement
Training Plan, Cont.
“Have No Fear, ICD-10 Is Here”
May 22- 24, 2012
• Completion of Code Set Versioning (CSV)
• ICD-10 books, draft or training
Request an invitation for training at:
Training Plan, Cont.
• Sources of Training
World Health Organization (WHO)
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
AAPC ICD-9 to ICD-10 Code Translator
University of Minnesota Anatomy Self-Test
• The changes required to RPMS to support the conversion
to ICD-10 are extensive. It is likely that multiple patches
will need to be installed throughout the implementation
process. It is critical that RPMS applications are up to
date with all applications and patches, including security
• Sites using COTS systems should contact their vendors
to ensure an implementation plan is in place and work
closely with them to assess impact to your facility.
Thank You!
Peggy Ollgaard
[email protected]
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