Poster Presentation: Primary Care


Primary Care

Clinical Care Programme

Primary Care looks after 95% of all health needs in a high quality, easily accessible and cost effective manner



•Save x number of lives

•Prevent heart attack, stroke, amputation, blindness, kidney failure, asthma, heart failure,

COPD, falls and fractures.

•Promote clinical governance and leadership structure in primary care


•All patients with major chronic diseases to be managed in an integrated seamless fashion allowing patients dignity and ability to stay in their communities

•Maintain high satisfaction with primary care services

•Facilitate no wait times for appropriate patients to secondary care


•Reduce community drug costs

•Maintain patients in the community and avoid costly hospital admissions by effective chronic disease management in primary care

Working Group:

• Dr. Joe Clarke – HSE Primary Care Clinical Lead

• Dr. Margaret O’Riordan – Head of Quality &

Standards, ICGP

• Dr. Brian O’Mahony – National ICTProject Manager

• Mr. Brian Murphy – National Primary Care Manager

• Prof Colin Bradley - University representative (UCC)

• Ms. Kathy Taaffe – Practice Nurse Coordinator

• Ms. Grainne Ryan – Public Health Nursing

• Ms. Emma Benton – AHP representative

• Ms. Grace Turner – Program Manager

GP Leads (ICGP)

• Dr. Barbara Kearns – Acute


• Dr. Dermot Nolan – Asthma

• Dr. Tony Lee – Care of the Elderly

• Dr. Derek Forde – COPD

• Dr. Johnny Loughnane –


• Dr. Velma Harkins – Diabetes

• Dr. Joe Gallagher – Heart failure

• Dr. David Gibney – Rheumatology

• Dr. Pat Durcan - Stroke

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