Goals and SWOT Analysis for Massachusetts Medical Society

Goals and SWOT Analysis for
Massachusetts Medical Society
Team 1: John, M.E., Simone, Tina
July 15, 2013
Current Vision
• Vision
– "The Massachusetts Medical Society will continue to be a proactive
organization. We will advocate for the shared interests of patients and
our profession. We seek to unite all physicians and serve the common
interests of the profession. Our goals are to enhance and protect the
physician-patient relationship and to preserve the physician's ability to
make clinical decisions for the benefit of patients. The Society will
continue to encourage the development of standards for high quality
care. We will continue to promote our code of ethics to physicians,
patients, and the public. We will work collaboratively within the
profession and with the public. The Society will address the
professional needs of physicians and take a leadership role in the
development of health care policy. We will promote medical
education, training, research, and the continuing education of
physicians. We will communicate clearly and effectively with our
members and the public to build awareness of and support for our
Current Mission
• "The purposes of the Massachusetts Medical
Society shall be to do all things as may be
necessary and appropriate to advance medical
knowledge, to develop and maintain the
highest professional and ethical standards of
medical practice and health care, and to
promote medical institutions formed on liberal
principles for the health, benefit and welfare
of the citizens of the Commonwealth."
• Every physician matters, each patient counts
Planning Horizon
• Low Resource and High Resource Changes
- History (brand appeal is primarily to an
older audience)
- Unclear value proposition/benefits
- Tagline doesn’t speak to vision/mission
- Current website lacks hierarchy
- Lack of engaging content
- Funding
Publisher of NEJM
Existing digital architecture
Experience of being in Massachusetts
during healthcare reform
-Expertise that crosses multiple disciplines - Specialty professional associations will
-Medical landscape changing nationally
have more clinically-targeted content
(ACA following MA model)
- Waiting too long to implement
-Medical landscape changing in MA;
strategies (analysis paralysis)
patient-centered care
- Health reporting websites not
-Relationships with medical students
professionally connected might be
more engaging
Short-Term Goals
1. Increase and clarify social media on the
- Youtube videos/ photos/ twitter
2. Emphasize member benefits
- Consider adding beginnings of a form (under Join, call
to action)
3. Diversify content on blog
- Branding of blog vs. content of blog
4. Patient accessible content
5. Link content
Long-Term Goals
1. Revise content strategy for the website
Strengthen hierarchy
Speaking to different audiences
Integration of social media
Consider role-based form of website
2. Use of e-communities to strengthen relationships
in community
3. Develop sub-brand for digital properties
- Medical students members?
4. Reframe content for younger audience